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    Tae Guk Gi - The Brotherhood of War

    Boonierat, there is a few topic about Tae Guk GI and it some where in Korean War forum.....great movie BTW.
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    A-28/A-29 Lockheed Hudson

    Douglas Boston would be excellent choice and Boston has done well job for FAF/RAF/Other Country Air Force.
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    Like Joao Lima said, Depends on the Nationality.
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    Reviewing Alexander the Great

    I gotta see that movie soon as possible. Thanks for head up review, Pirateship1982.
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    Castle Wolfenstien

    I'm sure it will be in Germany again, PvtJohnson.......otherwise, I ain't too dang sure about Pacific Campaign in RTCW.
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    Castle Wolfenstien

    Possible that TRCW will release winter of 2005 and I'll let you guys know for update soon
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    Castle Wolfenstien's still under development....hopefully it's another WWII....probably location Pacific or late Europe.
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    JFK Reloaded

    How stupid........
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    America's Army

    Used to played AA for little while until I got bored playing that game and the game was fun, but i wish the map was much bigger i mean alot bigger. I might come back, look me up as "Leatherneck35" - Jeremy
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    My Next Game Purchase

    How can I foget about GTA!!! Ivan got a good point, get PS2 and GTA game :)
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    My Next Game Purchase

    Get PS2 :D
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    PS2 or XBOX

    LOL! I think i have to change my name again :P j/k
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    PS2 or XBOX

    Sorry, man, I don't play SOCOM online because I don't have DSL nor Cable to play it..........but i will hopefully next year before spring. :)
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    PS2 or XBOX

    That's nice! But I'm gettin new PS2 this tuesday, sorry bud :D
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    PS2 or XBOX

    Capt. Bonez, I think PS2 will be great because there is alot good military games you might like to played and I really like SOCOM I/II which it fun to play, but PS2 is not working for some reason.....should get another one then. I'm planning to get two games that I have been waiting for and...