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    Looking for an Infantry Only Game

    LOL Sounds ok to me. I felt guilty saying no, but I have a lot going on right now. A future game sounds great to me though. Tito
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    Looking for an Infantry Only Game

    Hi Gary, I currently have 2 games going PBEM. I would be interested in playing a game of T1, but I would only be able to manage around 2 or 3 mailings per week with my current schedule. Let me know if that is ok with you. Tito
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    Fire Team (WEG)

    I was thinking about pulling my copy of West End Games "Fire Team" from off the shelf to play. I really enjoyed playing it when it first came out. I was wondering if there were any additional scenerios that were published since the release of the game? Thanks.
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    Looking for an Infantry Only Game

    Hi Will, Thanks for the help and the response. I am looking forward to getting back into playing some ASL. If you don't mind I would like to take the Polish side. I will get the scenerio setup and sent to you. Thanks Again Tito
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    Looking for an Infantry Only Game

    Hello, I was looking for an infantry only PBEM game. Can manage 3 to 5 mailings per week. Started to get into ASL, but had to take a 6 month hiatus due to getting married and being without a computer. Would like to start learning/playing again. Was thinking about a game of AP8. Respond...
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    ASL Literature: What areas remain?

    R.S. Barker, You may want to try Tom Repetti's website ( Being fairly new to ASL myself, I found it very useful in getting started to overcome the daunting task of learning the rules and mechanics. Tom's website includes Examples of Play for intro scenerios, and...
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    2nd Edition Rulebook Errata

    Being fairly new to ASL, I have downloaded and posted the 2nd Edition Rulebook errata found on MMP's website. My question is what additional errata do I need to include to have my 2nd Edition rules current? Looks like I need to include the errata included in some of the ASL Journals, but not...
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    Opinions please

    Opinions Gavin Take is a very good Infantry only scenerio and can be downloaded from MMP's website. Tactiques 2 "Between the Hammer and the Anvil" is another good infantry only without the worry of multiple levels for buildings. You can download a copy on under "Scenerios"...
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    Advance Phase

    That answers my question thanks.
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    Advance Phase

    I had question concerning the Advance Phase. Is it allowable for a unit in a building location with open ground in it's hex to advance into a building location in an adjacent hex with open ground in front of it? I was confused by the rules stating that "A unit may not change both its location...
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    Key's Games

    I talked to Alex last Thursday to place an order for some ASL products, and he informed me that he would be out of town for the next two weeks (Oct 13 to 24 +/-).
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    I am new to ASL and have a question regarding Advancing in the APh. Are advancing units subject to enemy fire during this pase?