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    "gave up trying to be honest" or "gave up trying, to be honest." Punctuation makes a difference. ;-)
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    ROAR Future

    I use ROAR frequently to report results and get some idea of the balance and interest level of a scenario. ASL Scenario Archive is great to get a thumbnail about a scenario, where to find it, and sometimes a few short AARs. Haven't participated in ASL Player Ratings yet, but I guess if I did it...
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    Sniper target selection - Assault Boats

    We rolled a die between the two options and the sniper hit the infantry stack, wounding the leader who died on the severity roll. Just an 8-0, but I'm sure his mother thought he was a 10-3.
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    Sniper target selection - Assault Boats

    A sniper is activated with a "2" and the initial target hex is empty but there is a choice between an assault boat in the river with no passengers or a squad with a leader in woods. Must the sniper attack the boat because of its lower TEM, or can it be considered an ineligible target? It is...
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    AFV Rider in a building at setup.

    I recognize and accept the limits of a reality argument as applied to a rules question, but its funny to me to envision a squad leader telling his unit climb on to an AFV before it crashes out of a building, with walls and ceilings collapsing around them. I think the squad would express some...
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    AFV Rider in a building at setup.

    From the March 27 2020 Perry Sez file: D6.21 Can an AFV in a building hex with squad, load that squad as a rider and then move out of that hex? Can an AFV set up in a building with a squad as a rider? A. An AFV can set up with riders and can load riders, but it cannot leave the building hex with...
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    AFV Rider in a building at setup.

    Its been a long time since I played the PB CG - why is it important to have the AFV in a woods or building? Best LOS to a British landing hex?
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    AFV Rider in a building at setup.

    Doesn't A2.9 apply? "a unit...may not set up in a hex it cannot enter in the normal course of play." D6.21 "Riders are not allowed when moving through a woods ... building..." That's how I would interpret it anyway.
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    Berserk Ambush DRM

    One thing I tried when I knew zerk would be moving into one of my hexes is I moved all my units that could have been targets away, but adjacent to the hex he would charge, leaving him only the choice of a weak unit he would probably kill. Once the zerker went back to normal after his CC, my...
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    EmRR and walls

    There was a discussion quite a while ago about EmRR (Hillocks) and walls, specifically if units on the EmRR can claim WA/HD from wall. The consensus, such it ever is on these things, was the wall rises from the base level of the hex, is not on the EmRR, so WA/HD cannot be claimed by a unit on...
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    Do Conscripts cower with leader direction?

    I've known JRV for a long time; as a regular attender of JR Brackin's Basement Bash, and my WO roommate for many years. I don't really understand the problems that caused him to leave Game Squad, but I know that whatever he had to say about the rules was shared in the interest of good play. Yes...
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    AP80 A Bloody Waste AA Gun

    The counter depiction fror the German AA gun on the card is labelled "Flak 30" (4 IFE, B11) but the factors in the picture match those of the Flak 38 (6 IFE, B12). I'm assuming the correct counter is the Flak 38. I don't see any errata for this.
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    Have you ever used VASL?

    Yes, I know all that. In VASL the counters cover more of the hex, while IRL you can still see the edges of terrain and buildings in most hexes at a glance. There are times when the mouse-over could be problematic, like allowing you to see what's in an opponent's stack that is out of LOS. None...
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    Have you ever used VASL?

    I prefer face to face play, but VASL has allowed me to play a lot more games, even before Covid struck. My only gripe is that the counters cover more of the hex than is the case for FTF. I guess its because the counter images have to be larger in order to be legible, but it is a little harder to...
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    Mounted or SK style boards : what do you think is the better?

    I really don't have a preference, especially since most of the boards aren't available mounted. The artwork on the old boards was better, in general, but the uniformity of the SK style boards keeps things more consistent. To me, the biggest advantage to the new boards is that I got the mapboard...