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    Armored Assault and road bonus

    Hi - Imagine the following situation: an AFV, leader, and first line squad start the MPh on a road and begin to move along the road using armored assault. Assume no use of doubletime. Normally (and assuming enough MP from the AFV), the stack could move 7 hexes along the road - 6MF including...
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    Heroes and ROF

    Hi - Situation: A German stack consisting of a 467/lmg/hero/9-1 leader prep fires. Shot is 8FP down 2 (for leader and hero, ignoring TEM). Lmg gets ROF and fires again - am I correct that the shot is now 2 (or 3 on IIFT) down 1? In other words, the hero is no longer part of the FG because he...
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    FT and DC replenishment in RB

    Non-elite use would eliminate it on an 8 or 9, right?
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    BFP Board DW-7a/b for VASL?

    Hi - anyone know if these boards from ITR2 exists for VASL yet? Not seeing them on or BFP's site, so I'm assuming no. Not a problem, just trying to see what's currently practical on the "to play" list. Thanks! JB