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    Back from Africa

    Good to hear you are back Xavier. I had to leave Nigeria as well. I got all my ASL stuff out in airfreight, cannot believe I brought it with me in the first place...
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    Eve Uni under siege

    Well, what a start. Just got in an Eve University is getting a wardec... once again. From Cry Havoc this time, after the last one just ended. :angry: Good thing is I got to fly fleet in low sec :smoke: Wonder why corps are targeting Eve Uni this much...
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    Announcement Panxer Blitz/leader "extras" on ebay

    I wish I had read this warning in time. I bought some PB counters from him on eBay. They were in bad print and glued to a green plastic. When I left a neutral comment he replied that all his customers were satisfied. A lot seem to be, surprisingly...:crosseye: