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Prometheus extended first 20 mins

I have taken the alternate opening as well as scenes from the wayland files to create this alternate first 20 mins of the film.
Nice speech. Why the hell wasn't this included at the beginning of Prometheus? Probably because some corporate dickhead producer from the studio decided it would make the film too long and "boring."

Whatever. Drop dead.

Good sci-fi is about ideas. It's about the search for answers to really difficult or scary questions. And I have to give Ridley Scott a lot of credit for taking some chances and trying to do that in Prometheus. Too bad he decided to excise this content from the original release as Weyland's speech goes a long way toward setting the stage for where the film was ultimately trying to go.
Would have helped but the script was just soooooo BAD!
It definitely had some good elements and some memorable scenes. The Lovecraftian horror at the end was excellent.

What bothered me the most about Prometheus was how stupid some of the people acted. Granted, you can nitpick pretty much any sci-fi movie, but we're talking about people who were supposed to be brilliant scientists at the top of their respective fields. Instead, most of them had the common sense of a housefly. It didn't help that most of the group were unlikable and generally nasty for no particular reason.
1) What's the mission? Well we'll tell you when we get there. Just get in the rocketship.
2) Screw these helmets, I bet the air is just fine. (Repeated in sequel - actually no helmets).
3) I ran away when we found a long-dead alien body but I just have to pet the hissing, penis-worm thing!
4) I can't find my way out of the place even though I just mapped the whole place in 3D with the flying map balls!

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