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New Screens Emerge from Sword of the Stars II

Paradox Interactive and Kerberos Productions today released a new batch of screenshots from the upcoming 4X Space Strategy title Sword of the Stars II at Gamescom. The screenshots depict new ships and gameplay scenes from the upcoming title.

Sword of the Stars II is the sequel to the hit 4X franchise, Sword of the Stars. Sword of the Stars II will feature the six races from SotS and its expansions, as well as revealing the dark, running secret of the original series, the Suul’ka – an ancient race that is responsible for tampering with other races in the Sword of the Stars universe.

“We’re really excited to have the Sword of the Stars II as a part of our lineup at Gamescom” Says Executive Producer Mattias Lilja at Paradox Interactive. “PC gamers have a lot of love for the genre and we’re no exception. The game looks and plays great already and we’re really looking forwarding to showing off the game.”

Sword of the Stars 2 II is scheduled for release in Q2 2011.

Check out all the new screenies in our gallery!