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PC Loyalist

Our regular look at what's hot in the world of PC gaming.

MMO Plog

Our editors look at various topics from in and around the MMO scene.

EVE Online Omnia

GameSquad invites you into the inner workings of EVE Online. From the most interesting EVE news, to the latest in epic fail threads, to our own opinions of what's what in New Eden. If it's EVE Online, you'll find it in the Omnia.

Suppressive Fire

Jim Cobb takes you inside the world of strategy and war gaming once a month.

Digital Imperium

Scott Tortorice shares his views on gaming culture, industry trends, and the latest and greatest releases. Why do we even let this guy talk? Cause that's how we roll.

Editor Blogs

Lunatic RepubliK

Raised somewhere in between the frozen wastes of Cimmeria and Ohio, Don's been gaming since the early days of Pong and pen & paper RPGs. After serving in the military, he went into exile deep within the forbidden zone in order to write about computer games. Today, he shares his opinions on games of all types and continues to strive toward the elusive goal of elevating narcissism to beneficence. WARNING: Reputable scientists have determined that reading this blog may lead to brain death.

The Rook's Bailey

Originally from Long Island, New York, Scott was found wandering naked among the desolate ashes of the hardcore strategy genre. Today, in what alcoholics refer to as 'a moment of clarity,' he can sometimes be found playing chess in between bouts of Left 4 Dead, Borderlands, and Dragon Age. His journey toward the dark side is now complete.