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Concept Art Competition Announced for Miner Wars

Keen Software House has announced the fourth phase of the Miner Wars Frontline Developer program.  This phase focuses on concept art, post-processed renders, paintings and artworks.


Help us make Miner Wars the next world phenomenon, earn cash, and get special prizes!  If you are skilled in visual art of any form, use your best abilities to make a piece of art and send it to us – use your chance to participate in upcoming AAA title, Miner Wars: 2081!

Participate in Miner Wars Development - Phase 4: Concept Art / Artwork Competition
You can make artworks and concept art for all various things such as space stations, ships (ranging from small fighters and mining machines up to large cruisers and motherships), asteroid bases, portraits of people and faction-related stuff (logos, symbols, flags). Check our forums ( or ask the community for suggestions!

Make sure to check Pictures section on our website as well as Miner Wars Encyclopedia for some ideas:

    Pictures -
    MW Encyclopedia -

You can also get an inspiration from our already existing artworks by our artists and community contributors at:


Concept Art / Artwork Competition:  Deadline for the competition submissions is the 1st of April. Send us your artworks and win cool prizes!

    1st Place: 100 USD Reward + Full Miner Wars 2081 game + 3000 QP
    2nd Place: 75 USD Reward + Full Miner Wars 2081 game + 2000 QP
    3rd Place: 50 USD Reward + Full Miner Wars 2081 game + 1500 QP

The best artworks will also be considered for print, distributed in the box retail version together with Miner Wars 2081 (as an addition to game manual, etc.).

Competition Rules:

    The artwork must strictly adhere to the Miner Wars universe described in MW Encyclopedia.
    The general mood and atmosphere of the artwork should resemble the setting of Miner Wars 2081. See pictures on our website and in MW Encyclopedia to get a glimpse of the atmosphere and setting.
    The artwork may be a hand drawing, painting, post-processed render or anything else.
    The artwork has to be submitted in JPG, PNG or PSD format.
    The artwork has to be your original work.

You can submit your artworks to our forum Contributing – Art (

Qualification Points and MW Frontline Developer Program
The most creative and resourceful players can become part of our team and participate in Miner Wars development and promotion. Keep in mind that responsibility comes together with the possibilities and benefits. If you decide to take part in Miner Wars development, the future of Miner Wars is also in your hands!  For a list of benefits and special rewards for MW Frontline Developers, see

Phases of Miner Wars Frontline Developer program:

    13th December 2011 - Phase 1: Affiliate links and lifetime profit sharing
    20th December 2011 - Phase 2: 3D model submissions + Competition
    27th December 2011 - Phase 3: MW Encyclopedia + Story Submissions + Competition
    3rd January 2012 - Phase 4: Concept Art Submission + Competition

    More phases to be announced...