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Hi Ken
I'm up for a PBeM .. just closed one out and looking for another. What you got in mind??
If you already have an opponent, roll 'em low ya'll!
pm here or email at
Pierce, I already got an opponent. Will keep your message handy next time around! Thanks!

I must say I have been very, very impressed with what has been posted. Whether it was yourself or Vinnie that dredged up so much minutiae, very, very well done!
I must say I have been very, very impressed with what you have posted. Whether it was yourself or footsteps that dredged up so much minutiae, very, very well done!
is there an ASL Club, Group, or Organization in Finland? I will be there 6/25-7/14 2019 thought it would be fun to get in a game if possible --Keith
Human life is like a game with dice; if you don't get the throw you most want, you must show your skill in making the best of the throw which you do get.
Hi John - I'd be interested. I played a lot a few years back but not so much recently - I want to keep a game going so i dont lose touch. email me at as i dont check here much these days. i have that In the rubble pack, but dont recall if i have played the one you mentioned. Have plenty of recent SP, MMP, FrF scenarios i'd like to give a try to as well.


Cheers Court

Have you found your game?
I would be willing to start a PBeM ETO game.
I consider myself a reliable opponent, with Summer almost on us... might not be able to supply vlog every day... but will be reliable.
You could pick scenario and side.
Hope to hear back from you

BTW - I am located in NJ, where are you?
Hi Peter, you tried to get in contact with me? So I try to answer here😏
I sent you a personal message.....hope you got it.....
Dear Doug,

Just a quick question. I ran into a problem with my laptop. Is there anyway to recover my VASL password from my computer?

Myself, I don't know. I will ask my VASL colleagues and see what response I get.

Thanks Doug and good luck for Caslo. I'm really sorry I'm going to miss it this year. Work issues I can't get out of...
Can you get into VASL? If so, your File - Preferences - Personal should show the password.

If not, what system are you using? Windows? Mac? Linux? Should be recoverable.

Hi George,
I hope you're well. Anyway, I was wondering if you might be interested in collaborating on a Kursk thing. I'm looking at a Teploye or Oklovatka (north face Kursk) HASL-thingie, maybe with either a HASL map or create a couple HASL-goeboards. I'm sure Tom Repetti or someone you may know could convert to graphics that you could use to PT or final publish.
What do you think?
Don Petros
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George Kelln
George Kelln
Hi Don I have skimmed through it briefly and it looks interesting. When I get more time I'll have a good look at it.


Have you made any more 3D printed Raaco inserts. I saw the 2 files you posted but was wondering if you have any designs for 1/2" counters. I can get them printed using a .stl file.

Hope to see you at ASLOK

OtO .. I'm game for either one. Are you talking VASL live or PBeM? I'm US East Coast for VASL live play.
pm here or email at .. if you already have an opponent, good luck and roll low ya'll!!
Hello Chas. I have a question concerning shipping from MMP. I requested the Red Factories HASL , I have the shipping notice, but how does MMP ship to people in Canada?? I am trying to find the tracking number as well.