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Hello Chas. I have a question concerning shipping from MMP. I requested the Red Factories HASL , I have the shipping notice, but how does MMP ship to people in Canada?? I am trying to find the tracking number as well.
Hello Robin,

Je pense que tu as mal compris la remarque de STAVKA à propos des Hillock RR de Hatten in Flames, il parlait de la représentation des Hillock RR sur la carte, qui fait qu'on peut vite oublier que la LOS est bloquée... et il a donc un peu grisé ces hexes sur sa carte comme il le montre dans son lien.
Vu qu'il organise un tournoi sur Hatten, je ne pense pas qu'il n'aime pas ce module.

Good Evening Recruit!
I'm up for a VASL game. What you got in mind to play. I'm in Savannah so no problem
with time issues. I do plan on attending the Atlanta Tournament in August. I won't wear
my Tech hat if you won't wear your "Dawg" hat. PM here or email:
If you already have an opponent, good luck and roll low!!
Cheers ya'll!
Savannah, GA.
What other games are you playing besides Steel Panthers?
I only play Steel Panthers:WW2 and MBT any more. I used to play John Tillers Campaigns. I also play test Gary Grigsby War in the East. And ASL. I used to own over 500 board wat games but no more.
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Dr Zaius
Dr Zaius
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I wish that I could say yes for Finland, but notr realy.
The base color of the boards is Desert... more suitable for East Africa, ot the African Coastline.

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Ok, I do not have anything to contribute there.... Thanks anyway
Have you found an opponent yet? I've played PBEM for quite a while and don't mind showing you the ropes of PBEM. If you are interested, then let's choose a simple scenario for the first PBEM. Let me know if there are any that you have in mind?


Bob Eury
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OK, I will have a defense more or less as I have to hustle a bit to get ready to leave Thursday morning. I offered the balance so you get it. Ray
Let's try "Out of their Element" [FrF74] at W.O. Russians are favored 31:24 so whoever has the Germans gets the balance. I have no preference so I will let you decide which side you want to play. Defender can prepare a defense to make things go quicker once we get set up. I hope this scenario is to your liking. I have no recollection of having ever played it. Ray
Major Issues
Major Issues
I don't have board 62, so I'll let you be the Russians. I don't mind being the Germans without the balance.

I can borrow Jim's board there if needed.
Vince, Ray here. I will be there Thursday evening and would be interested in a rematch since our ASLOK game. I would want it to count for the weekend W.O. tourney if that is an option and if you agree. We can talk scenarios if I am the first to have responded.