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Good morning fellow berserker! .. I'm up for a PBeM game. ETO combined arms.
Let me know what you would be interested in playing. PM me here or email at
If you already have an opponent for your PBeM adventure, good luck and roll 'em low!
Cheers ya'll!
Good Morning
Just finished a PBeM match yesterday (got thumped! .. those darn 9's!!) .. I'm up for another.
What have you got in mind? .. if you already have an opponent, roll 'em low ya'll!
pm here or email at
Good Morning Fellow ASL Berserker! I would enjoy a go with KGP I CG.
Played a lot of the KGP scenarios over the years but not one of the CG's.
I would be available for VASL + Skype play Tuesday - Thursday, some Fridays but
can't do weekends right now. I'm US East Coast (Savannah) for VASL play.
I'm old time wargamer too. Semi-retired. If interested, pm here or e-mail at
Thank you for taking the time to search your system and respond.
With the benefit of hindsight and experience, I would now prefer to withdraw my association with the request.
Hi Marco,

I'm booked with PBEM opponents for now -- but drop me a line in a month and I might have a slot free, or if I free up I'll try to remember your name. I just finished playing all 6 in ASLSK#1 and have moved on to ASLSK#2, so we should be pretty good pairing.
Hi, my too I just start to do some scenario with SK1 and 2, if you are looking for opponent contact me
Hi Andrea,

I trust you will be at ASLOK again this year. I would really like to get in a game with you......any chance you have a spot in the first few days for a friendly game?
andrea pagni
andrea pagni
sure thing! I arrive on Saturday late afternoon, I guess on sunday we can see when we can :) .. plenty of time
Well, if you need a mental break I could use a Chaco War scenario for new desert board being done.
You still design scenarios?

Steve Swann
Gunner Scott
Gunner Scott
hi Steve; yup, but I am slow, been working on a scenario pack for the last 4 years playtesting it on and off. I want it to be unique and not the typical 4 to 6 turns stuff out there. maybe next year I'll publish it.

Do you still design scenarios?

Steve Swann
Hi Steve,
I haven't for a long time.
But I don't exclude the possibility.
I sent two to LFT some years ago, without any news since.
Hi Dave,

any ideas and suggestions from your side what we might play at ASLOK ?

I do not have Hatten, so that is not an option for me. I have played very little of the stuff that has come out over the past few years (all my ASL time goes into playtesting). I do not mind playing something you have played before, as long as you really like the scenario.

Stay well

Hi Mark
Welcome back to the fold! If Oberst doesn't answer your call, how about a Poland In Flames CG. Recently finished up
Crucible Of Steel CG (played all the CoS scenarios) and it was a blast. Looking to do the same with PiF PBeM. PM me here or
email at Cheers and roll 'em low!
Savannah, GA.
H iPierce, thank you for the mail. I would be delighted to do a PBeM for PiF. Just two clarifications: I am Maurizio, not Mark, so if you are looking for your pal, you need to continue your quest, but if you are looking for someone to play with .... I am here! ;-)
second, I have just started playing PBeM, therefore you must be a little bit patience. Let me know if this is still of your interest.
Hi Maurizizio. I meant you not Mark. Had a blast with CoS. I won 14 and lost 18. The way we did this, we played one side
throughout the campaign. We played PBeM. Like to do this with PiF. You choose your side (Axis, German, Russian) or
Allied (Polish) and let me know. Cheers! Pierce.
I don't have any preference for the side. If you do pick one and let me know. Thanks. Ciao. Maurizio
I am writing on behalf of an ASL gaming friend of mine who has been unable to activate his registration.

From Ian Kenney
I hope you can help with a problem completing my Gamesquad registration under the username: ikenney and email:
I did this a month or so ago but despite my best efforts, re-entering the data in ‘My Account’ and anything else I can think of, I have nev receiv
Dr Zaius
Dr Zaius
There is no record in the system of any member with that username.
Hey Charlie! Are you still up for some of that ASL for FUN Play?

Let me know!

Hi Stew - I'd forgotten all about this. Apologies. And I'm having to work my ass off at the moment and really don't have time, sorry
No worries...just let me know when you are up for it...I'll be around!!
Or QUIT your or the other.... :-)
Hi pjh

I'm also fairly new to ASLSK. Played a couple of games with Scenario 1. Gradually learning the rules.

Drop me a line on bluedogpete AT gmail DOT com if you would like to have a game using VASAL.

John, if still looking for a game my email is yetter dot tom at gmail dot com. Perhaps able to make the TCASL this next meeting as well. Take care buddy!
Hi Tom - I did find a game. I should probably only do one at a time. When it is completer I will Ping you. I hope all is well with you! Cheers