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Hello Pablo. We are in the same Group in Sergio's Tournament. I sent you an email the day I received the Group notice from Sergio & have not heard back from you yet. I will send you 4 scenario to pick one for us to play. This is my first cyber tournament. Can you be reached on skype?
Please let me know that you have received this.

Hi Klas,

How can I purchase a copy of the Latest DTF-2 ASL Zine? It was released at ASLOK XXXV, however, I could not attend.

I have send you an e-mail about joining the "CyberVASL XVI" .

Kind Regards

Uffe Møller, Denmark
Received, you are in!
Hey. Glad to see another fellow Arizonan here. We have a small ASL group in Mesa that meets once a month. Not sure where you are, but if you are nearby you are welcome to join us. Our meetings in October - December might get scratched due to some personal things I need to tend to, but we will definitely be gaming again in January..
Thanks, I appreciate the offer but I live in Chino Valley which is about 2 hours away. Too long of a drive for me but that's my luck. I have never lived close enough to another player to be able to play FTF in all these years. But thanks anyway.

Hi Joe, hope you are fine. Do you know when the scenario list for Albany 2021 is ready and will it also be able to participate through VASL? :) Ketil
Hi Michael.

I hope you won't mind if I use your nice words posted about Uwe along with the photograph you linked to my 'In Memoriam' section for my forthcoming tournament in the UK in November.

Please confirm as I will not do so without permission.

Also, may I ask if you know Uwe's birth date and date of death so I can add such detail?

Grateful for your response in advance.

Best wishes.

Hi Martin. Please feel free to use the picture. Unfortunately i don't know the dates you are asking for, sorry. Thanks to you for honoring Uwe. Regards, Michael.
hola, necesitas la invitación? ahora te la paso:

Muchas gracias por la invitación. Estoy todavía esperando el ASF Starter Kit. :)
MI nombre es Luca (soy Italiano). Mi español hablado es correcto, pero al escribir soy un desastre :)
si entras en el grupo, yo soy César. Si quieres entrar en el de ASL SK dímelo también.
Fantastico. Al principio probabilmente voy necesitar mas el Starter Kit
Hi Steve: another Marine and Kansan whose been in SK for a year and in my first few full ASL scenarios. Happy to help playtest that will help me learn ASL too.

Your location?
Which Modules do you have?
Do you have a face-to-face partners also?
Or is it VASL?

My email is...
I had no luck finding Mark Humphries' ladder rules. I suggest you use google to find some examples of ladder rules.
What happened to the Rules to the Ladder?
I'm looking to start an Aslsk LADDER and would like the resource for guidance.

Michael R
Michael R
I have no idea. That was Mark Humphries baby. I'll ask around.
PBeM coming back to the ASL fold (away for the last 8 mo's) and open for a PBeM game. You have a scenario you want to play? ... If you already have an opponent, good luck and roll 'em low .. PM here or email
Hi Pierce - woke up this morning to several takers for games, sadly I only have time for one more otherwise would gladly play another game with you. Didn't we play in CyberVASL, one of the ROMA scenario's with your Italians generally wiping the board with my defenders? In any case, thanks for the response and interest, I certainly reach out if something frees up. All the best - Jay
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