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Scott, I heard you are working for MMP. Congratulations and hope you like the work. I assume your well trained employees are keeping the Gamer's Armory up and running well. How often to you get home. Excuse the personal questions. Ray

Drop me a line and I can put you in touch with peoples
Im from Albury/wodonga myself
But lived in Bathurst, Melbourne mainly and others
Now in Pommy land
But I can put you in the loop with all the gang back home

You can get me on Skype
thats the easiest way

Neil Andrews
Ex Aussie lost in Pommyland
Great video followed the instructions on initial set up .. Scenario title, date, etc. Clicked Snippet and the "Green Box message" appears .. go to my VASL map, click on the Label but the HTML info does not copy and paste to the Label box. Checked all my settings .. all are correct. Thank you in advance
Sometimes clicking the snippet button doesn't work the first time, even tho the green box pops up. Try again if Snippet doesn't copy the html code.
Live VASL .. I'm up for a game .. I'm US East Coast (Savannah, GA) ...
ASL 251 "First Day Of Diadem" or ASL 180 "The T-Patchers" or ASL 190 "Scouts Out" .. I'm free all day Thursday starting anytime around 10am (probably 9am your time).
Give Scouts Out a try as it has the higher enjoyment rating on ROAR but is currently 8-2 in favor of the Germans.
Hi Doug, where do I find the APCR site?
There is no APCR site. There is an APCR thread here on GS. APCR is the new version of AREA that Aaron Cleavin has been developing.

I have built an ASL Player Ratings website (with help from Sam Tyson) which uses the AREA methodology and updated data. You can find it at

hey Tom - Are you ready to bring the Korean hill map off the back burner and get it cooking again? Maybe start a couple other projects even?

Hello Peirce, I have been sending you emails for the last week or so but I don't think you're getting them. I sent you another email yesterday. Looks like our wires are not crossing!
Hey DD!

I am enjoying your AAR...keep up the good work

I really like the way you use those "bubble" statements on your map. Do you mind telling me what software you are using to create that effect? I may try something similar with my AAR.

Thanks and keep up the AAR!

Double Deuce
Double Deuce
Hi Mark,

I stole the idea from HongKongWargamer here on the forums, he uses them on his blog. I use Inkscape for the images cause it uses layers and vector graphics so they do not lose detail when resized. It has a high learning curve so I watch youtube videos alot when I need to learn how to do stuff with it.

Thanks Mike. Yeah I watch you tube videos for lots of things like that. Inkscape eh? I may give that a look. Cheers
Evan, are you still publishing schwerpunkt? I lost all my entire ASL system in a fire. I'm slowly re-building my ASL. I have issues 1-21and rally 1-12.
Evan Sherry
Evan Sherry
Yes, we are still producing Schwerpunkt and Rally Point. Schwerpunkt Volumes 1 through 23 and Rally Point Volumes 1 through 17 are currently available. I rarely visit the ASL Forums so it is best to communicate with me via my email:
Just to reassure you I didn't find your now self deleted post offensive. Maybe just a tiny tad stereotypical, but definitely not in a bad way.
JIM: Definitely planning on attending again this year. Have not pre registered as thing were still up in the air. I will take care of it when I arrive. See you then. Dave
Good Evening
I'm game to play through the pack. Fairly good with PTO .. I'm East Coast (GMT -5) for VASL/Skype play. Times are flexible as I'm semi-retired. PM here or email me at
If you already have an opponent, good luck and roll low!
Savannah, GA
Indy,.... I downloaded and pllyed around with VASL yesterday so if you are bored or otherwise have time for a live demo scenario or two I am available. I'll probably make a few crib notes for the more important steps in scenario set up until thing become familiar. I'm sure I'll be making use of the 'undo' button more than once.

Let me know.

Good Evening
Welcome back to Berserk Corner!! .. If you don't have an opponent(s) yet, would enjoy VASL + Skype or discord. I am US East Coast (Savannah, GA). I would be available for VASL play
Monday and Wednesday evenings and some Sunday evenings. Starting around 8pm. You can PM here or email me at If you already have an opponent, good luck and roll low!
hi George, i have include a doubt regarding ozerekya, could you consider?
Hello, i am buying reinforcement in romanian side and i want to buy a engineer company, aparently in the composition says 5-3-7 squads, but in notes refers to letter r where i must roll for type on mmc, could somebody helps me, regards

thanks for doing so funny and playable modules, i have everything from lcp
actually I see where Bruno or Doug had sent me your email.... I'll send you the stuff.... also, Doug mentioned you might have some time to help us get data in the right format? We have some data already from Bruno but it is in various formats... cheers -- Marc
Hello Michael, I heard from Doug Rimmer you are the contact for various Canadian ASL Tournaments? Doug asked me to be his sidekick to get missing data for AREA back from 2017 + to May 2020. I think you are aware of this, as you commented in the same thread

Would you be willing to send me your email addy so I can get you the info Doug is setting out? Mine is

Thanks Marc