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Hi Xavier
I was just trying lots of tricks to try and read the FTC 8 articles (Free french one as an example) since the background picture (watermark) makes it really hard to read the words behind the pictures
Is It possible to have just a word document so I can finally read it and not got bleary eyes - very happy to pay as you guys are worth the money
Lots of time in these COVID 19 days


Xavier 658
Xavier 658
Hi Rob, sorry about it. Please tell me which article, as I don't have any paper copy here with me. Cheers! X
Hi Xavier

Thanks for this - its great

Article is "Cross of Lorraine" - from the cellar pack 8



Sounds great. I am just brushing up on the rules as I haven't played in about 18 months or so. How about we try to get a game going early next week? I will have revised the rules by then. I have a skype account.

I should be able to play once or twice a week normally. Flexible on the night.

my email is micha_cat at bigpond dot com

I didn't get a Private Message but did see your reply on the thread. So I'm sending you this PM.

You can get in touch with me via email if you are still interested in doing some ASL on VASL and we can set something up. My email is
Hi Marc,

That would be great, I have all the official modules. I think PBEM doesnt help that much as I will, Im sure have many questions. VASL/FtF would be perfect.

All the best

Making plans to attend .. Registration info yet or is that coming later.
Hi, If your still looking for a game Id be happy to play.
Hi .. if you still got an opening, would enjoy a PBeM game. If you already have an opponent .. good luck and roll low ya'll!
Savannah, Georgia
Hi Sounds good. Sorry just saw this
Hi Mr. Sherry

Do you by chance have a list of your publications that includes the contents? Right now it seems I have research each individual item before I buy it as no reseller seems to show what scenarios are included. This is somewhat a pain as it is not readily available. I find your stuff well done and would like to acquire more so a list would be most useful. Thanks!


Bob Walters
I‘ve transferred 16,00$ with PayPal (4MK81084MJ366003X) for NEV Play Pack 1.
I've got Your mail with asking for the address but my mails, first and returning ones, to have all been undelivered returned.

So here we go again with my address:

Robert Tegel
Bergstr. 6
79427 Eschbach

Hopefully it will work here, thanks in advance,
Hi Ryan,
I am an experienced player, but have been inactive for about a year or so, and therefore a bit rusty. I've played just about any type of scenario you can think of and have a wide range of scenarios. I only play PBEM. Let me know if we can get something going.
Hi Ryan
Been away for some time myself. I'm up for a PBeM game. Do have skype and live play on weekends can be worked into my schedule.
if you have an opponent, good luck and roll low! .. PM here or email at
I am US East Coast for live play
Looking to get back to "the game" after an extended absence. Would enjoy a PBeM game.
If you already have an opponent, good luck and roll low. PM here or email
Cheers and Happy New Year.
Hi Xavier
Received my copy of "The Fight For Seoul" today and wow!!!! .. what a fantastic product ..
Reading Smiths Ridge Rules and noticed that there are no counters with a Red Dot
as referenced in section 3 "USMC & KMC Battalion Area of Responsibility (AoR)"
Am I missing a sheet of counters?
Cheers ya'll!
Pierce Mason
Xavier 658
Xavier 658
Pierce, I am really sorry.... just read your message now, more than 3 months after you sent it... Apologies :( When back in France I will be able to send you a countersheet with Red Dots. Sorry about it.... Best, X