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Hi CaptJack,

Never played PBEM before and am fairly new to ASLSK.
Willing to give it a go if you would like to send details.
Prefer ASLSK 1 at this time.
Email: bluedogpete [AT] gmail [DOT] com
Hey CaptJack
Thanks for your reply.

Lets play, you can start a game, from aslsk 1 or 2 your choice. I will read up on the how to pbem. easy-peasy:)
Email -

Se u on the battlefield

// Ulrik
Not a good day for me. Sometimes everything just goes to crap all at once.
Dr Zaius
Dr Zaius
And I thought this morning was crappy. Spent 8 hours cooking Mexican carnitas, then sliced my hand open in the kitchen. Had to throw the food out because there was blood everywhere.

It’s bandaged up but still hurts.

What a day.
Steve, I am traveling until April 12, so I cannot send the scenarios that you requested. Please ask one of the Winnipeg organizers, like Eldon Hemminger
Steve Swann here.
Do you have any desert map boards that you want published.
Please pm me at

Recovering from surgery this morning, and I’m still just a touch groggy and weak. Pain meds are working, but I can’t take a bath for three days. That’s annoying.

As if surgery wasn’t enough to deal with, on a totally unrelated issue I broke my toes on Saturday and now have to wear a cast on my foot for the next four weeks.

It seems my plan to lose weight and get in great shape for summer has been derailed..
Dr Zaius
Dr Zaius
I didn’t expect to be so weak. Just laying around sleeping is wearing me out.
I'm trying to make friends with the apes cuz we're going to be ruled by them soon. ;)
Dr Zaius
Dr Zaius
Welcome the benevolent overlords.
Hi Tom,
Did you get a game for Scenario 208 "The Grist Mill" ? If not I would be interested. I usually handle 2 -3 posts a week. I do income tax returns so this is my busy season.
Prepare ship for light speed! No, no, light speed is too slow! Light speed, too slow?! Yes, we’re gonna have to go right to…LUDICROUS SPEED!
Hi Tuomo, just to say thanks and close the loop, you asked me if I was connected to the Front Range ASL group. Just joined. Cheers
Tate, hi! This is "Pastor" Robert Hammond. How are you? I would like to email with you. My email is:
Mr. Weiley, I am trying to find information on some of the CanCon scenarios from 1995-1999 to update the ASL Archive with their information, which is spotty if they never appeared anywhere else. Can you direct me to a source at PB that might have them? Jim Hoxie