World of Warcraft loses 800,000 more subscribers

Scott Tortorice

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Nov 18, 2003
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But where are they going?

World of Warcraft loses 800,000 more subscribers, Blizzard looks to Pandaria

I’ve got to hand it to Blizzard: While most MMOs would be circling the drain if their bubble burst to the tune of 800,000 subscribers, World of Warcraft barely notices. Yeah, the steep drop to 10.3 million – down from last year’s all-time high of 12 million – is by no means good news, but from where Blizzard’s sitting, it’s just a hint to try something new rather than a one-way trip to the MMO graveyard.

The downward trend comes in the wake of another reported subscriber loss three months ago, which saw the total subscribers dwindle to 11.1 million. 2011, then, has been a steady downhill slope. So, what’s changed? For one thing, Blizzard cites troubles in “the East,” but also notes that WoW’s still “one of the most popular online games in China, and remains by far the most popular subscription-based MMO in the world.”