Wizards takes the CB to an Online required status

Nov 17, 2009
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Assuming you care even the slightest about pencil and paper role gaming, you might have already heard of this.

Or maybe not.

Anyway the short story. It's already happened. They did it. Done.

If you wish to see it, be prepared to install Silverlight from MS. If you dislike that crud, forget it move along there won't be anything for you to see.

I have already seen that the previous CB Character Builder that is, will NOT update.
But then there is no download with the no version at any rate, it is a totally new beast.
That you don't download anything means you either are online running it or you are not using it at all.

I tried it, and my thoughts were, looked good graphically and the program at least runs, although many are not currently agreeing with that comment.

I was though totally uninterested in caring, as it is a moot point for me. The primary reason I liked the CB (for auto building NPCs) was removed. Thus, there is no primary need for me to use it at all.

I suspect a player might not mind the new look, providing you can be online when you wish to run it. But you better be gaming where you have internet access.

And that is it in a nutshell. They have alluded to new tools, and we all know how that goes. Yep, right, gottcha. Likely playing Duke Nuken or Computer World in Flames first.