Where in the world were they? - Map locations of Squad Leader Scenarios


Jun 4, 2006
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If you were ever curious where the Squad Leader scenarios occurred then follow the below link to a map of over two hundred locations. One can access the map in the Scenario Archive by simply clicking the Map menu and clicking either of the two links. This will open a map with a marker for each scenario location. Markers are color coded by game(tte).

The clickable markers contain title, location, date, balance, publisher and, in some cases, a historical link.

In the Map menu the ‘Scenarios in List Panel’ link contains scenarios 1 to 47 released in the game(ttes). Performing a search in the scenario archive will update the link with the results, click the link to open a new map of the updated scenarios. The ‘All Scenarios in Database’ link contains all the scenarios in the database, over 200 Scenario locations.


Persons interested in the history of the scenario will find occasional links to historical resources including maps, ebooks, websites and wikipedia. To find the scenario within the resource try searching by the scenario location, name or unit to find the exact page in which the scenario is referenced or described.

I had varying degrees of success with the locations. Some locations are down to the house and others are generous approximations. The following scenarios are either accurately located or had an interesting history link. Follow the ‘Find Scenario’ instructions to search the Scenario Archive, update the ‘Scenarios in List Panel’ link and click to open a new map.

“Burzevo” - Just to see how close the Germans got to Moscow. Find Scenario - Click Advanced menu, Click ‘Night Rules’ in EC. Click Search. Click ‘Scenarios in List panel’ in Map menu to open map.

“The Capture of Balta” and “Sowchos 79” - These are included because of the excellent sources in the history links. “The Capture of Balta” links to “1953 US Army WWII German Small Unit Actions in Russia.” This book appears to be the source for several Squad Leader scenarios and an excellent read. You can view it for free on Scribd, linked in history1

“Sowchos 79” has links to a thesis on the “Chir River Battles” by Robert G Walters. See page 17 for a map and page 25 describes the actual battle with first hand accounts. Find Scenarios: click ‘Publisher’ menu, click ‘Cross of Iron game’ in Publication, Search. Click ‘Scenarios in List panel’ in Map menu to open map.

“Operation Hubertus” - The card’s Historical Overview places the action at Stalingrad’s ‘Red House” and the green map marker rests on the remains ‘Rotes Haus’. The Commissar’s House is seen south and the Chemist’s Shop is lost between that and the Oil Tanks, all clearly visible in satellite view. History2 is linked to an original map and History1 to a article on the operation
Find Scenario: Click ‘Search’ menu, Click ‘201-500’ in ‘Piece Cnt’ and Search. Click ‘Scenarios in List panel’ in Map menu to open map.

“Le Paradis” - The marker rests in front of the farmhouse where the survivors of Royal Norfolks surrendered. (see history1 picture) Use Street View to see the house and walk to the right side for a view of the bullet-holes. I’m amazed that with a few mouse clicks i can take a scenario printed in 1982, find research and first hand accounts on it, locate the exact house of surrender, stand in front of the house and see bullet-holes with Street View and share all this with you. Find the Scenario: Click Advanced menu, click ‘ETO:W’ in Theatre, click ‘SS Units’ in Infantry Rules and Search. Click ‘Scenarios in List panel’ in Map menu to open map. Its the only blue marker.

Some locations did not go so well...

The Hedgehog of Piepsk - My research indicates the units involved were on opposite sides of the front, near leningrad and near the Black Sea, respectively. Anybody know a better location?
Find Scenario: Click Publisher menu, click ‘Squad Leader game’ in Publication. Search. Click ‘Scenarios in List panel’ in Map menu to open map

Pavlov’s House - Some sources indicate the building was rebuilt after the war retaining only a corner in memoriam. Other sources suggest it was turned into a museum. I believe the former is correct and the history1 photo of Pavlov’s House shows the museum’s building in the background. Chrome will prompt to translate history1 from Russian, else you can just see the useful photos.
Find Scenario: Click ‘Search’ menu, click ‘36-60’ in Piece Cnt and click ‘7,8,9’ in Turn and click ‘1’ in Brd Cnt. Search. Click ‘Scenarios in List panel’ in Map menu to open map. Blue marker is hidden under yellow so zoom in close.

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