What Campaign World Rocks your Socks?


Sep 28, 2006
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Running "with/alongside" a book's timeline/main characters is tough to pull off.
I did that with part of the DragonLance series and my PC's actually got ahead of the stories characters for a time. Needless to say when the "book characters" got to the locations mentioned- nothing was there for them to do. To correct the time line I had my PC's go off on a side quest then brought them back into the main storyline later.
In the RM campaign I've mentioned before (yes, obviously the high-point of my RPG life...), the DM eventually moved us from Middle Earth to Kulthea (the Shadow World) because he felt that:
  1. He wasn't happy that he had many more adventures which "fit" well into the theme/era of ME,
  2. The adventures he DID have, which we hadn't gone through, were up against SIGNIFICANT foes (can anyone say, "The Witch King"? I knew you could...)
  3. He also felt that, at circa 10th level, we were not powerful-enough to deal with foes like TWK, BUT... up-and-coming enough that TWK might just decide to send out 20-30 Uruk-Hai on a training mission to get rid of those irritants... :shock: :surprise:
All-in-all, I'm glad he did- I LOVED Kulthea, enough to later try running a campaign there myself.

Brian Pickering


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Feb 9, 2005
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For me Glorantha has always been a love. Looking back on the reviews of RQ at the beginning I would say the fgact it came with a world was what made it outstanding. The original review of RQ in White Dwarf mentions how it is interesting as a change to play the run up to the dungeon as well as the battle through it. Ground breaking at the time but if you look at the original scenarios for RQ they illustrate the basis of RQ in figure wargaming with more attention being drawn to the plan of defence of Rainbow mounds than to the actual charecters within it.

Recently the group I occasionally play with has gone back to RQ2 abandoning RQ3 + 4. There is a wealth of info about glorantha out there which tends towards consistancy.

Additionally, the advantage of Glorantha was the limited space it occupied. Dragon Pas was about the size of Ireland while the Forgotten Realms occupies an area roughly the same size as the North American Continent.