(Virtually) Bounding Fire Blackpool Update - 18th to 22nd November 2020

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Good morning/afternoon/evening all.

I guess this would best be described as a 'technical bulletin' in relation to next month's vASL tournament. It's the largest email I will send out I promise. There's a lot to cover.

Thank you for all your interest thus far. As things stand the following people have noted their intention to enter either/all our main, or sub-tournament(s). If I am missing anyone then the blame is entirely mine and please feel free to issue me with a caustic reminder that you have voiced your interest.

  • Aaron Cleavin
  • Martin Vicca
  • Neil Andrews
  • Andy Bagley
  • Tony Gibson
  • Chris Doary
  • Carl Nogeuira
  • Dominic McGrath
  • Derek Cox
  • David Blackwood
  • Robert Hammond
  • Ian Ainsworth
  • Jim Bishop
  • Joe Arthur
  • Jonathan Kay
  • Matthew Ellis
  • Neil Brunger
  • Paul Chamberland
  • Paul Legg
  • Ulric Schwela
  • Tom Jackson

Firstly there is a tournament website which I urge you to take a look at (Bounding Fire Blackpool Website). This incorporates a literal smorgasbord of information, not least details on tournament structure, prize photographs, etc. etc.

The tournament will run from Wednesday 18th November, to Sunday 22nd November along the following lines.
Wednesday 18th - 9am anon
Either open play (for Crusader Ladder points or not as both players prefer). Totally open format. Find an opponent, choose a scenario, and go for it.
Or, the 2020 'Second Chance Games Sponsored SCRATCH tournament'. A single blind and unpublished scenario from our friends at Bounding Fire. Play it whenever you wish, as many times as you wish. Take as long as you want. This thing is an 11 turn belter. Playable in about 4-5 hours. Quirky as hell. An absolute blast though to play. Prizes will be offered for best Axis and best Allied player. Prizes kindly provided by Second Chance Games
Both options above remain available throughout the full weekend (for those, for example, not taking part in the other elements of the tournament)
Thursday 19th - 9am anon
The Battleschool Dice sponsored 'Minis'.
A two round format playable throughout the day (and on subsequent days if there is demand). Four players in each 'mini' tournament. Blind, but published scenarios. Each 'mini' themed on either ETO or PTO. Prizes kindly provided by Battleschool Dice
Friday 20th - Sunday 22nd
The Bounding Fire Publications sponsored Main Tournament
Five rounds (with an option on six numbers pending). Two scenarios per day from 9am till late (one on Sunday). A single blind, unpublished scenario per round, handed out immediately prior to play, from two forthcoming Bounding Fire modules. Three scenarios played in group formats (groups randomly drawn). Group winners proceed to a semi final then a final. For those whom do not progress beyond the group stages there will be a 'Bounding Fire Mini' which incorporates semi final and final scenarios.
Made possible by our sponsors Bounding Fire Publications and our diorama designer Custardpie (Ian Willey).
The tournament will be operated in its entirety via Skype and VASL. There will be short briefings prior to gameplay throughout via a grouped chat on Skype. At which point relevant information including scenarios cards, special rules, VASL board setups etc. will be provided. We will keep this group chat open throughout the day should any issues arise. It goes without saying though that you need to be comfortable with both required systems.
Game end times will be strictly enforced (sorry guys. It's literally the only way that a blind scenario tournament format can be made to work fairly). We will adjudicate on unfinished scenarios.

For other pertinent tourney rules, please view on the website

There are multiple prizes. Including box car and snake eye prizes (stats accumulated throughout the full tournament).
Want to Take Part?
Just email me on this email address. At this stage, no need to confirm your tourney preferences. I'll seek confirmation of that nearer the time.

Just £15 (of course feel free to contribute more if you're flush !). Please settle via Paypal to boundingfirstfire@gmail.com but PLEASE SEND TO 'FRIEND/FAMILY' (else we get stiffed for a fee on each transaction).

Further (shorter) updates will follow. In the meantime thank you for your interest. And as usual if you think there's anyone who should be added to my contact list then please fill me in and I'll do so.

Loads of photos on the website. Please take a look.
All the best !