Victor Conditions Question


Nov 21, 2011
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Victory Conditions Question

ok, I'm working on a a scenario, but I am having trouble with the victory conditions.
It's a historical scenario so the start and end dates are fixed.

So, I want the Victory conditions to be:
Side B: OV if they keep Side A below C, SV if they keep Side A below B, MV if they keep Side A below A.
Draw: A draw will occur if Side A crosses Line A, but does not capture D.
Draw: A draw will also occur if Side A captures D during any of the last 4 turns of the scenario.
Side A: MV if they capture D by End date-8, SV if they capture D by END-12, and OV if they capture D by END-20.
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Now, that's all fine and good, arrange the VPs properly and have events that end the scenario with a certain victory depending on when D is captured.

the issue is that each side has various a-historical options. Now, I want to make these cost the side picking them time.
i.e. If Side B executes the TO that gives them an extra armoured division then they give up any chance of an overwhelming victory. In order to get an SV, they have to keep Side A below C, for an MV, keep side A below B.

Both sides have multiple, TOs, so if Side B picks a TO and then side A picks one, back to status quo.

So, with this being the case, it makes the Side A victory events based ont he capture of D infinitely more complicated...or impossible.
And adding VPs makes the spreads required to get a MV, SV, or OV change so that the number of VPs between B and C no longer have the desired effect.

The only thing I could come up with was to use the EEV to keep track of 'victory'. In order for it to be 'visible' I'd have to have events to display news strings when the variable reaches certain thresholds. Then more events to re-enable these events because the EEV would be able to go up and down considering both sides have a-historical TOs.
A: If I set a news string to fire off at EEV value 50 and the EEV goes from 40 to 55, does the new string happen?
B: Placeholder. I can't remember what B was... :(

So, in addition to any questions above, can anyone think of a better way to determine victory here than the EEV?

I would really appreciate the assistance.
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Nov 10, 2005
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My brain has stopped working.

Question a is easily answered. The news string will fire at 50 or above.
Question b is also easily answered but I can't remember what the answer is...

Assuming that I have understood the rest (and you should never assume that - it's close to my bedtime) EEV sounds like the simplest way to carry out what you propose. It might be worth rethinkng your whole scheme though just to make sure there isn't a simpler way. And are you sure that you need to make the EEV visible?

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