Very nice tool for researching terrain in Northrine-Westphalia, Germany

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Nov 25, 2010
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Very nice tool for researching terrain in Northrhine-Westphalia, Germany

I have come across a very nice tool for researching terrain in Northrhine-Westphalia, Germany (one of the German states). While this tool covers only this one state, it features a lot of terrain interesting for the ASL scenario designer, for example that of Operation Veritable, Hürtgenwald and a lot more.

Here is the link (the website is on German, but still it is rather easy to get the gist of it even if you do not speak the language: (click on the red "start" field "TIM online starten").

EDIT: I just saw, that you can switch the language to English, too.

Some screenshots to give you an idea:

Terrain view based on airborne 3D laser scanning. This will "filter out" foilage etc. and will give a very detailed idea of the ground. In the picture, you can see individual bomb craters and a number of blown up ammunition bunkers of a former nearby ammunitions factory that have been destroyed after the war. You can zoom in any scale from 1:500.000 to very closely (say 1:1000 or less), so the amount of detail is superior to any normal map.

View attachment 37947

Next you can display a 3D view of the terrain.

View attachment 37948

And you have aerial photos of the ground covered. The ruin of the bunker clearly visible in the first picture is not discernible in the aerial photograph although taken in fall or winter with the leaves off most trees.

View attachment 37949

Here's one with WW I and WW II entrenchments.

View attachment 37950

One of the area around Vossenack (I think that's what BFPs Hürtgenwald Module will be located).

View attachment 37951

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Re: Very nice tool for researching terrain in Northrhine-Westphalia, Germany

That looks like a great resource, von Marwitz! Someone rep this man for me, please.