VASL - PBEM - 10 Years Gone - 30 Years Experience - Retraining/Relearning [CLOSED - got 2 games! woot!]


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Mar 22, 2004
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It's been 10 years, and the itch came back, but I am scared to dip my toes back in, but my fear is somewhat quenched by the 30 years of previous enjoyment (everything from ETO, DTO, and PTO large and small with chapters A-F, H, etc), but yet I may be relearning and retraining myself (have not read the rules in 10 years either).

Looking for a potential game of VASL via PBEM logs (can't do live play) of something very simple like:

T1 Gavin Take (now 181)
T5 The Pouppeville Exit (now 183)
T14 Gambit
T16 Strayer's Strays (now 182)
V Auld Lang Syne
126 Commando Schenke
11 Defiance on Hill 30
12 Confusion Reigns
13 Le Manoir
15 Trapped!

You get the idea on complexity for a rusty fellow. Also, I don't want a time pressure thing I would want this to be fun and not like work for me. Someone to help me relearn the rules again. I think when I "retired" from ASL 10 years ago I went out on top with a 4-0 record at a mini-tournament but after 10 years I am sure I have lost my mojo and remembrance abilities.

Thinking at least 2-5 logs a week and I don't game much at all on the weekends.

Easy going, laid back, chilled out type of thing, you know what I mean man?
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