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Dec 15, 2002
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I have revived my MS Access Tool for helping designers generate the text files for their campaigns. With this tool you can enter all your campaign text files into a set of forms so it’s easier to see all the files for a particular scenario/node on the same screen. This should make it easier to keep up with what text is in each file as opposed to having to open and tab through numerous text files opened in notepad. Basically you use the forms to fill in all the material needed for your campaigns text files. This makes it easier then manually going through 30-100 text files one at a time.

I have places to enter the Campaign Slot # and each Scenario Node so that when you run a single massive report it creates all the desired txt file name (i.e. U122i000.txt) and all the text BUT in a single txt document.

I'd have a macro that extracts only the text needed for "U122a000.txt" to create that individual text file, and then go to the next text file needed (i.e. U122b000.txt); create that .txt file and so on.

This way you have an input form to enter all your text. Then you run a report query that takes all the data you have entered and generates all the text files.

You still have to do some manual stuff, like rename the .txt file to match the campaign slot you are using. I have it set to generate the files for campaign slot 100. I had to do this because all the report forms have to be pre-named.

The 1st screenshot is for setting up all the campaign related text. The 2nd is for setting up the Scenario related text files. You would add pages for each succeeding Scenario.
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