Ultimate General - American Revolution

Mar 17, 2010
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Ultimate General - American Revolution

Atmospheric definitely....it seems to be a bit improved from the earlier Civil War title. Definitely a good intro to your specific character history and path to your current status. The way it is done is cute.
As for the warfare depiction....the operatioinal aspect is OK but I have reservation about the tactical battles. Ok - it is still being developed....but it needs more powder to the ball. The units could look larger and the terrain a bit more varied....the battles are too quick to resolve and I have the feeling that the A.I. is just going to throw stuff at you until your main army is so whittled down that a group of irate chipmunks 🐿 could make it rout........12 Gb of Memory Ram....really !.

A good historical feel with globs of detail which may be marred by the same old battles which will somewhat grow tiresome.

Who is the target audience ? ; I ask myself..............I Guess you.........I have played games before that have a curio entertainment factor....so, hopefully , this is one of those.
I stand on the side-lines and watch.............

Someone in the comments section mentioned that it is a rival to Creative Assembly/ Total War. I think not but that would be a good thing; then they would naturally progress to making 1:1 scale historical battles with giant maps and great terrain/ unit depiction. We live in Hope !. :rolleyes: .

Interesting video to watch anyhow :).