Tsushima v1.04 Update Released

Compass Rose

Mar 11, 2008
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HPS just released update v1.04 for Tsushima

Changes for Tsushima V1.04
- Added Order of Battle editor ncoob.
- Added Parameter Data editor ncparam.
- Added the ability to scroll the main map using the arrow keys.
- Added ability for an Objective to be a circular "Location" objective.
- Added "hollow" flag in Normal View and green name for attached flagship.
- Added Critical Ship feature which when sunk results in immediate scenario termination.
- Change so that zoom changes using the mouse wheel maintain cursor position.
- Added Sea State to lower right-hand corner of Jump Chart.
- Added Collision feature.
- Added number of seconds remaining in ship picture when waiting for air operations to complete.
- Added hot key "R" for aircraft Return to Base.
- Added ability to display distance rings in various increments.
- Added Settings Option for displaying icons in Jump and Ultra Zoom-Out Charts.
- Added Optional Rule for seeing owned ship-fired torpedoes at all ranges.
- Added ability to view Database Dialog from Help Menu in Order of Battle Editor.
- Added additional zoom-out view.
- (Database) Added Japanese Holland Type VII submarine.
- (Editor) Added ability to place and remove mines.
- (Editor) Added ability to specify extra loads on a ship.
- (Shore) Optional shore data and Port Arthur shore included by default.

The update can be located here: