To Laos and Back expansion for Annual 6

Gunner Scott

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Jan 27, 2003
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From this pack, I really want to give LRRP 2 Paul Revere and the Raiders a try, crappy Vietnamese troop with special Forces and Huey Gunship vs NVA attackers. There are even jet fighter bombers in this.

LRRP 4 looks very kool too with crappy CIDG troops trying to fend off an NVA attack with later support from SF troops.

LRRP 6 looks interesting with US Army troops , special forces and Helo gunships trying to halt a Massive VC attack. (and the VC can do Banzai and DC heros)

LRRP 8 looks very cool too with South Viet forces in fortified positions getting attacked by a crap load of VC. You even have claymores in this one.

Well, those are the four that caught my eye.