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Oct 1, 2003
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Bud Garding and I played 7-Tigers to the Rescue from the Tigers to the Front Pack by CH! at our last club meeting.

I don't own the pack. Bud brought his and asked if I wanted to have a go at one of the scens. I chose Tigers to the Rescue, a six turn breakout scenario.

This is going to be short (the scen was too!) and then some comments about the map.

Going from memory of the map. The Germans have 8 467s, 2 leaders, a MMG, 2 LMG, mtr and 10 "?". They set up on the Sujewo Heights which is a monster hill on the SE corner of the map, it is completely ringed with trenches, has a gully running down the west side, and two buildings one whole, and one rubbled are the only real terrain. On turn 1, they get one Tiger I and two Tiger IE's who are to come and help the surrounded infantry break out to the west. I got these guys.

The Russians have 4 628s, 10 447s, 76L art, 3 leaders, MMG, 2 LMG, ATR, mtr, and 2 DC backed up by a T34 M43. On Turn 2, they get a choice of tanks. Bud took Group 2, 2 M4/76 Sherms, KV1S, and an ISU 122. They get to set up anywhere on the playing area at least three hexes away from level 4 or 5 hills. There is a ridge on the SW corner of the map, this is where Bud put his Gun. The Russians win by higher VP total, with the German getting double for units exited off the west edge.

I started the game completely surrounded (of course) and Bud began his turn by slowly assaulting the hill. The gun began aquiring my hill edge units. I decided to start the game with some fire and got good results vs. a stack moving in the open, resulting in two CRs.

I had two places to enter the Tigers, and wanted to keep them together, in order to not get one isolated. I was indecisive for a couple of turns with the big boys and it cost me. I elected to stay off the hill. My infantry held on to the hill for about 2 turns then things started to get hot, and I made the choice to evacuate.

But....I was going to have to fight my way off the hill as Bud had some troopers coming up the gully I wanted to use. Moved the Tigers over to offer support and attempted to overrun a squad and leader who were picking away at my hard pressed Landsers, but even with the snoogiewoofer I couldn't eliminate them, and they ended up immobilizing that Tiger who just happened to have an inept 10-2 armor leader. (and how many times do you get one of those... damn!)

Bud's tanks came on the other side of the hill and began the T-bone attempt on the Tigers. I think he knew my grunts weren't getting off the hill and was looking for points. I had a bad misplay when I tried to get across the gully with a Tiger and ended up in motion IN it. That was bad news as Bud swarmed another with infantry and tanks and put it out of action with a rear shot. The Immobilized Tiger also succumbed to an AP round from behind and it was not looking good for the Germs. My infantry was getting chopped up on the hill and I threw in the towel.

This is the second "I'm Surrounded" scenario I have played in recent months, and I have to say, I'm not fond of them. In both cases I was the one surrounded and just got murdered trying to leave the hill.

I really like playing Tiger I scenarios. They are a good tank and fun to play, but I misused them in this one, as I was afraid to risk them, when I should have been aggressive.

The Map looks cool, and that is a BIG hill. I would like to play a couple of the other scens on it. I was however not impressed with the trenches drawn onto the map.....they just looked funky. Also there were a couple of hexes with some round pebble-looking stones. We could not find a description in the terrain key, so just decided they were crags.

Bud played a good game and beat my Tigers in detail. My infantry died on the hill. :cry:
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Jan 27, 2003
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Ya those pebble looking things are crags, had to ask Dave Lamb at ASLOK what they were.
Cool AAR nontheless.