They Shall Not Grow Old


Oct 20, 2007
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Greencastle, PA
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Not WW2 or ASL related, but worth mentioning and certainly to be appreciated by folks here.

Went and saw this last night with my brother-in-law.

Very good.

Its also worth staying after the credits also to see and hear how Peter Jackson made his editorial decisions on what to put in the film and what and how he added sound, voices and color, fixed film projection speed.
You find out his personal connection to WW1 through his grandfather - who died early because of the long term effects of his wounds. He has quite a collection of WW1 uniforms and even a small WW1 artillery park.

Some stuff they covered I hadn't seen before:
-Rifle grenades.
-narrow gauge rail ways up close.

Main story arc is: declaration of war - induction/training - arrival at front - trench life - rest area (lot of work assigned during rest)/coverage of artillery - big push with tanks - German prisoners - end of war/return.

Have seen other WW1 stuff before, but I think this one does a more thorough job of capturing the absolute misery of the Western Front since the focus is the experience of the British soldier there and their perspective.

Its all oral history and lip-read based added voices by British speakers from where the units shown came from for added accuracy.

Well worth going to see.