The Three Round Mini Theme Tournament


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Oktoberfest was originally a three day event before Columbus Day. As it grew in size people started showing up in significant numbers before the event officially started Friday morning. Open play was available as the meeting rooms were open but it seemed as if there were enough early arrivals to organize something official. The answer couldn't be starting the Tournament on Thursday as that would not be fair for those who didn't arrive early since we were requiring nine to ten scenarios to be played for the Tournament.

In our post Oktoberfest discussions we decided a single elimination tournament would be the solution for those early arrivals wanting some " official " playing. The next Oktoberfest was 1992 and we decided that all the scenarios played in the Thursday Tournament would have a theme, Stalingrad! Great. That was easy. " Another pot of javeine while you set up? "

Well Oktoberfest '92 saw record attendance and we had over sixty participants in the Theme Tournament. It was awesome but didn't end until way into Friday. That was not exactly fair for those who wanted a shot at the weekend tournament. Even the Theme Tournament winner was at a major disadvantage.

Oktoberfest was always in our minds. Over several pots of javeine, refreshments, and scenarios we discussed the problem of our solution, the Theme Tournament.

The Theme part worked well. Lol I can't recall but that may have been the year we required everyone to play Guards Counterattack!

The single elimination was necessary although actually contrary to the intent and spirit of Oktoberfest.

The number of participants was a problem. An extremely welcome problem but still something to be dealt with. Btw thank you all for giving Oktoberfest this " problem ".

The major factor was the time frame, essentially Thursday for those wishing to participate in the Weekend Tournament.

We figured that realistically three scenarios could be played in that time frame, for the finalists. Ok so we would have eight person Theme Tournaments. Mini Tournaments.

We realized the Minis would still stretch into Friday so the only issue left to address was how to compensate the Mini finalists for their participation in the Thursday event. The winner would receive two victories for the Weekend Tournament, second place would get one victory. The other six participants in that theme would start the Weekend Tournament with no losses. We also liked the fact that more people would go home with a plaque. Problem solved, perhaps.

It actually worked out quite well. Fish thought that it was one of best things to come out of Oktoberfest and I agree. Mark, Wild Bill and Bret have done an outstanding job carrying on and expanding the concept.

Perhaps the Minis at Oktoberfest dilute The Grofaz but The Grofaz himself thought that they were a great thing and that's good enough for me.

Just a little background info while I reconjugate my Civ3 strategy.
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