The important things in life Drinking Horns and Mead


Aug 23, 2006
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So Christmas is nearly upon us and not too long ago I was in search of gifts for my closest Postmasters. I had originally planned on board games for each (Awful Green Things, dungeon and spw's Tannenberg for the smart former AF guy (ASLSK1 has been out of stock too long...just saying)). Anyway I was looking through a silly knife catalog and what did I find? A 3 pack of drinking horns for 11 bucks or something. I knew immediately there would be no new board game converts this year...but quickly discovered those horns wouldn't do. I spent the weekend researching and now have 10 of the damn things to hand out and the beeswax to coat the inside. (The wife was NOT happy to find several cups covered in wax and a drop or two that may have fallen on the counter...nope not pleased at all.)

Anyway in addition to the horns of course one stumbles upon mead in ones research. I found some old Roman recipe which basically said mix x honey with y water and leave it in the sun for 30 days and you have mead. You've got to be kidding says I! Nope mead is honey and water and yeast. Hmm look at this 12$ for a one gallon glass jug with vacuum on ebay. Huh. Another 40$ of one time cost plus the locally harvested clover honey here in the Wind River Valley and I could make my own booze! And I will! And not just any booze mind you but MEAD the nectar of the gods! Actually I've tried a couple bottles available locally and I'm not too impressed but it's gotta taste better if you make it yourself....that's what I'll tell myself anyway.

Has anyone tried to make their own mead? Any drinking horn fans out there? These things will make AWESOME gifts. Especially when they are given full of booze and with cheers, smiles and accolades.