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This is the time of the year when the Canadian ASL Association (CASLA) looks for new members and reminds existing members that their membership renewals are due. A list of paid-up members is at the end in case you are not sure if you have paid.

The primary mission of the CASLA is to run the Canadian ASL Open (CASLO) each year. We have been doing that for seventeen years. We have a secondary mission to connect Canadian ASL players to each other.

There are two reasons that you should consider joining the CASLA. First, you think that an annual, reliable, well run Canadian ASL tournament, that you can plan to attend months ahead of time, is a good thing. Second, you would like that tournament to sometimes be in your city.

Our tournament is a sort of “plug ‘n play” tournament. We have a documented and well established tournament format that makes every round important and gives all participants a final ranking of their performance in relation to other participants.

When you pay the membership fee to join the CASLA, you are eligible to vote on where the next Canadian ASL Open will be held, and to propose changes to the tournament format. As well, you are eligible to submit a proposal to bring the CASLO to your Canadian city. Running the CASLO sometimes takes more money than we can obtain through tournament registration fees; the CASLA membership fees exist to have a cash reserve to pay for excess tournament expenses when the registration fees do not cover all the expenses. Being a paid member also entitles one to a five dollar discount on registration for the Canadian ASL Open. Foreign players may join the CASLA, but the tournament must be held in a Canadian city.

To submit a proposal to host the Canadian ASL Open, you need to be able to reserve a hotel meeting room of at least 800 square feet (more is better) for a maximum of three hundred dollars per day on a Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The hotel should have a restaurant and bar, or be within easy walking distance of restaurants and bars. Usually, the member submitting the successful proposal also becomes the tournament director that year, but that is not a requirement. The tournament director, and two other CASLA members, make up the tournament staff whose principal duties, aside from securing the location, are making the scenario selections and printing up the scenario packages.

To date, this tournament has been held in Montreal, Ottawa and Winnipeg. Winnipeg is the default location if no member makes a successful proposal to bring the tournament to their city.

The CASLA membership fee is ten dollars per fiscal year, which runs from June 1st to May 31st.

Our membership drive deadline is August 1. Immediately following the membership drive, we will hold our annual virtual meeting by email.

To join the Canadian ASL Association, you have two options to make your payment:

Use PayPal to make the payment (preferably as a gift to a friend) to “”.


Send a cheque, payable to the Canadian ASL Association, to:

Michael Rodgers
5187 Beamish Drive
Pierrefonds, QC
H8Z 3G4

Paid-up Members:
Blair Bellamy
Dave Hall
Doug Rimmer
Eldon Hemminge
Erik Lindblad
Jean-Francois Fortin
Jeff Wasserman
Jim Suderman
Jonathan Kay
Jonathan Kenny
Josh Gilbert
Keith Hill
Mark Watson
Michael Rodgers
Mike Bourgeault
Norm Weiser
Paul Asselin
Paul Suderman
Reg Plummer
Ron Levrault
Shane McKenzie
Steve Knippel
Tom Wilson