The Blitz Wargaming Club supports now AGEOD games


Aug 19, 2002
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The Blitz Wargaming Club supports now also AGEOD games which are based on the ATHENA Engine, which are most of the AGEOD games. A ladder and a forum section have been established for the AGEOD games, together with a database which includes the scenarios of the supported games. The until now supported games are:
Alea Jacta Est
Alea Jacta Est - Parthian Wars
Alea Jacta Est - The Cantabrian Wars 29BC
Alea Jacta Est - The Spartacus Revolt 73 BC
American Civil War The Blue and the Gray
Birth of America II - Wars in America
Birth of Rome
Civil War II
Civil War II The Bloody Road South
English Civil War
Espana 1936
Hannibal - Terror Of Rome
Napoleon's Campaigns
Revolution Under Siege
Revolution Under Siege Gold
Rise of Prussia
Rise of Prussia Gold Upgrade Kit
Thirty Years' War
To End All Wars
To End All Wars: Breaking the Deadlock
Wars of Napoleon
Wars of Succession

All those possessing one of these games and are interested in human opponents should join the club.

Overall the support of the AGEOD games should contribute to foster the gaming between human opponents, as the AI is usually only good up to a certain point where the experience of the player outnumbers the AI's capabilities. After this point only a human opponent can keep up the gaming fun. This is achieved through the support of the AGEOD games by the Blitz, but beyond this it should also improve the AGEOD games as every feedback is way more effective if both sides are human players and by that come to a more balanced feedback that can improve the games without bringing imbalance into the game.

All that know the Blitz Wargaming Club can't be told anything new, those that do not know it should only be referred to the motto of the club:
"Helping the Rookies, Connecting the Regulars, and Honoring the Hardcore Since 1999!"