TCASL 8/8/20-- END OF THE WAR (COVID-19 Edition)


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May 23, 2012
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Salutations all!

The summer wears on, and we approach the 75th anniversary of the ending of the Second World War. What can we do when we're not outside enjoying the sun? Play ASL, of course! Thankfully we have VASL, GameSquad, Discord, and other wonderful online tools so we can continue to socialize as a community while we fight our own war against COVID-19.

Time: Whenever you please
Location: VASL, BGG, GS, Discord-- wherever we happen to congregate online

The period between VE Day and VJ Day yields an unusual selection of scenarios. The fighting on Okinawa was mostly over by this point, and most of the fighting in the Pacific was being carried on by British and Commonweath forces in Southeast Asia, modern day Indonesia, and Bougainville. And then on August 9, 1945, the Soviet Union entered the war and pushed into Manchuria and Korea.

Number  Title                       Side1       Side2       #Hrs  S1Win%  S2Win%  Publication        Notes
ASL59   Smertniki                   Soviet      Japanese    10.3  42.86%  57.14%  Rising Sun
BFP63   Typhoon of Steel            American    Japanese    11.9  50.00%  50.00%  Blood and Jungle
BFP65   Frogs in the Pocket         British     Japanese    5.2   45.00%  55.00%  Blood and Jungle   Also published in Tropic Thunder as TT9
BFP67   Coke Hill                   Australian  Japanese    4.9   44.44%  55.56%  Blood and Jungle
BFP69   Fuchin Fortified            Japanese    Soviet      15.2  41.67%  58.33%  Blood and Jungle
BoF12   Forging Spetsnaz            Japanese    Soviet      5.3   60.00%  40.00%  Best of Friends    Also published in Friendly Fire Pack 3 as FrF24
J101    The Coconut Plantation      Japanese    Australian  5     51.52%  48.48%  Journal 6
OB14    Pursuing Kobayashi          American    Japanese    3.1   47.06%  52.94%  Out of the Bunker  Also published in Dispatches from the Bunker #19 as DB042

August 1940 and 1945 are a bit strange where anniversaries are concerned. Options include Soviet-Japanese actions in Manchuria, and a British-Italian fight in East Africa.

A39     Showdown at Tug Argan Pass  British     Italian     11.3  41.54%  58.46%  Annual '92         08/11/1940
J181    The Deadly Line             Japanese    Soviet      5     35.29%  64.71%  Journal 11         08/11/1945
BFP68   First Day at Fuchin         Soviet      Japanese    15.6  25.00%  75.00%  Blood and Jungle   08/11/1945  Also published in Recon By Fire! #2 as RBF18