TCASL 11/14/20-- HASLs (COVID-19 Edition)


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May 23, 2012
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Hey Folks!

Now that we're into November, I seem to be setting new and terrifying records for how close to the wire I can push these messages. Luckily for all concerned, I don't have a time machine, so I can't take to writing them after the fact and sending them to a reasonable publication date....

Anyway, who's up for some ASL? This month's theme is Historical ASL, an opportunity for us to take a look at the best of those scenarios that play on historical maps.

Time: Whenever you please
Location: VASL, BGG, GS, Discord-- wherever we happen to congregate online

Number  Title                        Side1               Side2       #Hrs  S1Win%  S2Win%  Publication            Notes
RB7     The Red House                Soviet              German      6.0   48.53%  51.47%  Red Factories          Originally Published in Red Barricades
KGP4    Chapelle St. Anne            German              American    1.7   48.91%  51.09%  Kampfgruppe Peiper I
KGP9    Carnage in the Night         American            German      11.7  47.83%  52.17%  Kampfgruppe Peiper II
PB2     Howard's Men                 German              British     5.9   50.00%  50.00%  Pegasus Bridge
BRT7    Didn't Have To Be There      Japanese            American    2.4   50.00%  50.00%  Blood Reef Tarawa
ABTF2   Graebner's Folly             British             German      10.0  50.00%  50.00%  A Bridge Too Far
VotG9   Eviction Notice              German              Soviet      3.2   46.88%  53.13%  Valor of the Guards
FB10    Return of the Black Company  German / Hungarian  Soviet      6.4   48.48%  51.52%  Festung Budapest
HF3     First Timers                 American            German      3.7   50.00%  50.00%  Hatten in Flames
RO6     The Playing Field            German              Soviet      4.6   57.14%  42.86%  Red Factories
HS6     Just Fighting Through        Japanese            American    5.4   55.00%  45.00%  Operation Watchtower
HS17    Water Foul                   German              British     7.5   50.00%  50.00%  Operation Veritable

For you who are interested in anniversaries:
J127    Messervy's Men               Italian             British     4.4   58.33%  41.67%  ASL Journal #9         11/06/1940
BFP71   Surabaya Slugfest            British             Indonesian  14.6  40.00%  60.00%  Blood and Jungle       11/10/1945  
ASL210  This Is Where We Stand       CVPA                American    18.6  66.67%  33.33%  Forgotten War          11/27/1950