TCASL 1/9/21-- SCENARIOS OLDER THAN GEOFF (Covid-19 Edition)


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May 23, 2012
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Hey Folks!

Welcome to 2021! I hope this year treats you better than 2020 ever did.

As my birthday falls in January, I this month's theme is "Scenarios That Are Older Than Me." In other words, Squad Leader reprints and scenarios published in the original printing of Beyond Valor.

Time: Whenever you please
Location: VASL, BGG, GS, Discord-- wherever we happen to congregate online

Number  Title                      Side1     Side2     #Hrs  S1Win%  S2Win%  Publication               Notes
A       The Guards Counterattack   German    Soviet    3.9   50.52%  49.48%  Classic ASL
ASL1    Fighting Withdrawal        Finnish   Soviet    4.9   47.15%  52.85%  Beyond Valor
ASL4    The Commissar's House      German    Soviet    9.9   50.51%  49.49%  Beyond Valor
ASL191  Bucholz Station            American  German    6.7   45.28%  54.72%  Yanks 2nd Ed              Originally published as 'I' in Classic ASL
ASL202  Hitdorf on the Rhine       American  German    8.1   47.06%  52.94%  Yanks 2nd Ed              Originally published as 'L' in The General Vol 25, No 2
U7      Han-Sur-Neid               German    American  4.5   57.80%  42.20%  GI's Dozen
U15     Battle for the Warta Line  German    Polish    7.1   51.43%  48.57%  Turning the Tide
U39     The Clearing               German    American  1.3   48.00%  52.00%  Rivers to the Reich

For you who are interested in anniversaries:
ASL247  Just an Illusion           French    Thai      7.9   44.44%  55.56%  Croix de Guerre 2nd Ed    1/16/1941  Originally published as J70 in Journal 4
ASL248  Siam Sambal                French    Thai      10.1  43.84%  56.16%  Croix de Guerre 2nd Ed    1/16/1941  Originally published as J35 in Journal 2