STREETS OF STALINGRAD 4 EDITION (2017) Lombardy Studios & 626 Designs

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    Streets of Stalingrad 4th Edition Announced (SOS4) 15 February 2017


    The fourth edition of the classic “monster” game Streets of Stalingrad (SOS) has been announced by Lombardy Studios and 626 Designs. In May a Kickstarter (KS) will offer playtest kits along with special discounts and in-game bonus items for KS supporters. The full game Kickstarter will launch in September—the 75th anniversary of the start of the battle for the city.

    SOS4 has been in production for more than 2 years. Final playtesting and print-ready files will be completed over the next several months so the game can be printed this coming fall immediately following the September Kickstarter.

    First released in 1979, SOS saw three previous award-winning editions by Dana Lombardy and David Parham. SOS4 includes 30 years of additional research by Russell Schulke (626 Designs) in Soviet archives in Volgograd (modern day Stalingrad) and outside Moscow. The Soviet order-of-battle now equals the detail and accuracy of the German side.

    The basic game system remains the same as the third edition, but now includes expanded air forces for both sides, the ships of the Volga River Flotilla, and river crossing rules/combat.

    You can see the revised artwork, samples counters, and more at and also sign up to receive email updates. A link to a special Streets of Stalingrad Chronicles blog series provides background on the game, the SOS4 team, fascinating historical facts, and more.

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    Exciting. Will be reviewed over at AWNT

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