SP231 Galician Persuasion


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Dec 8, 2004
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Galician Persuasion was a blast to play. Hungarians v Russians, '44. pretty stout OB's, including Hungarian FT & six Zrinyi II. good gear for the Russians too: including three T34's, AT gun, & HMG. both sides have 81MTR

the Hungarians have 5.5 turns to take more wooden buildings that the Russians have at game end. ROAR has this one at 19/18 Hungarian

this thing was a slug fest and it swayed back and forth through a fast and furious scenario. as host, I setup the Russian defense. Sven's Hungarians concentrated their attack all on the Russian left. there is a lot of open ground to cover and the Russians did a pretty good job of forcing a slow Hungarian advance

however, I think I was a bit slow on the fall back and failed to get a leader into a good position to rally an isolated pocket of Russian troops desperately trying to holdout south of the river. but the real turning point in my mind was the fiery death of two of my T 34's. one was being aggressive taking on three Zrinyi, he only got one. Steve then went on to get a Bounding Fire rear shot CH! then a Hungarian 81 MTR rate tare produced a CH! on the other T34

the last T34 that I had left should be awarded the Order of Lenin. he took on three Zrinyi; helped by a rate shot and weak Hungarian firepower he quickly dispatched them all and then went on to help try and stem the final Hungarian assault. the Russian AT gun was perfectly positioned to destroy two more Zrinyi. but the Hungarians pressed on

on the last turn, the desperate Hungarians made a final heroic assault on the last VC buildings. the Hungarians weathered a tremendous fusillade to advance CX into three buildings. he needed to win only one CC for the victory

last CC phase: he is CX'ed, and that SOB still got ambush and then went on to win the CC and victory over my hapless Russians! the Boss was not pleased. please forward my mail to Siberia

oh, well. played tight. fast and furious too: just the way I like'm. went right down the the last CC. can't get any better than that. excellent opponent, great scenario. it is a super fun scenario and both of us said we would play it again as either side
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