Sniper Targeting

Apr 13, 2015
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I was playing a 'SASL-ized' version of "A Stiff Fight" from Journal 1 when I ran into a situation I'd not encountered before. The ENEMY sniper activated and after placement it had the choice of either attacking a crew with an MMG or my sniper. A strict reading of the priority list in S8.8 indicates the ENEMY sniper targets my MMG-toting crew and ignores my sniper, FRIENDLY snipers don't even appear on the list as such. This might be perfectly reasonable but I'm not entirely sure.

Any thoughts? Does anybody houserule something different (though honestly I'm not sure it comes up enough to bother with a houserule.)

A second thought on this that may be worth a houserule; a really strict reading of S8.8 would suggest that a FRIENDLY sniper in a VPO vaults from not even on the list to priority 1 ("1. Target in VPO location".) Since snipers can't control VPOs this seems a little wrong if more valuable targets are an option (say a FRIENDLY leader or a CE AFV.) In this case I'd probably have the ENEMY sniper either automatically go to the second target on the list or at least get a 'saving throw' to possibly ignore the FRIENDLY sniper...