SMOKE and Gully

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Feb 19, 2019
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Hi all:

Just read this Q&A:

A24.4 & C8.52​
Rule C8.52 states that when using the Area Target Type, SMOKE ammunition is placed at ground level of the target hex hit. If placing SMOKE in a Gully hex with Area Target Type (Crest status is Level 0, IN the Depression is Level -1), is the SMOKE counter placed IN the Depression, to be at Level -1, with a two level Hindrance measured from -1? Or is the SMOKE counter placed at Crest status, to be at Level 0, with Hindrance measured from 0?​
A. IN; from -1.​

Can I try to put SMOKE in a Gully hex even if I dont have LoS INTO the Gully/dry stream? There is no unit in crest status.



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Jan 30, 2003
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Q&A said:
A2.8, A6.3, & B20.9
May a unit fire at a Depression hex if they have LOS to the crest level of the hex, but no LOS INTO the Depression hex in the following situations:
A) The hex is devoid of non-HIP units?
B) The hex has a non-HIP unit IN the Depression, but no non-HIP unit at crest level?

A. Yes to both; only units at crest level would be affected (other than for WP).

If the answer to situation B is yes, then would the following also be true for that situation:
  1. Would a unit firing Smoke/WP be subject to the +2 Case K DRM to the TH DR?
  2. If a hit is obtained with Smoke/WP would it rise from the level of the Depression?
  3. Would a WP hit cause the non-HIP unit IN the Depression to take a WP NMC?
A. Yes to all three.
eASLRB said:
C6.2 CASE K; CONCEALED TARGET: Ordnance firing at a hidden/ concealed target [EXC: pillbox/cave occupant; B30.7 and G11.812] must add the +2 DRM of Case K to its TH DR vs that target [EXC: when firing SMOKE, Case K applies only if the target hex contains ≥ one non-hidden enemy ground unit but none of those units are Known to the firer/Spotter]. The effect of a hit that used Case K is not halved as Area Fire.