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Jun 4, 2006
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Dear Squad Leader Player:

I have added a ‘SL Scenario Archive’ to the Tournament website. Its purpose is to assist players in finding an appropriate scenario to play by searching a catalog of over 200 scenarios for desired criteria. Players may now search for a scenario by Level, VC, Nationality, Scenario Record, Turns, Fortifications, Transportation, Publication, Designer and much more. Now you can find all the scenarios with Assault Engineers or Paratroop Drops or Wire or Flamethrowers or Tigers. You can find it here:

What you’ll find at the end of the above link:
-a Menu bar with Search, Advanced & Publication search boxes
-a List box of the original 47 Scenarios with key data like VC, Turns and balance.
-a Scenario Box with specifics about the scenario, publisher and designer.

Searchable criteria:
-The Search Box criteria includes the scenario record, turns, unit counts to assist in finding a competitive game. On the ‘Inf/AVF’ a ‘1’ is infantry only and a ‘5’ is AFVs.
-Advanced has historical and features criteria. Find scenarios by date or theater or features (including stukas, Tigers, Panthers, KVs etc)
-Publisher has designer and publication, most useful to find all the scenarios of a particular publication like ‘Series 100 pad’ or SQLA scenarios.

Search Tips:
-hold Ctrl to make multiple selections
-Boxes perform their own search, independent of selection in other boxes
-Select less than more, All the criteria must be meet. Selecting ‘Russians’ and ‘Americans’ in Allies yields no results - no scenario has Russians and Americans together as Allies.
-Select ‘SQL, COI, COD, GIA’ to see all scenarios in database.
-Don’t miss Advanced box - Features. You’ll find all the Stukas and Panthers there.
-Click the List Box to display a Scenario’s Details
-Refresh browser if it hangs.

What is not there:
-There are no PDF cards, you’ll still need those to play the scenarios. Information in the archive is general and not sufficient enough to play without the card.
-Many extra features are not there, it still needs to grow.
-Perfection. I consider this ‘pre-Beta’ and the tires need a good kicking. I’m also a novice programmer and i’ll apologize in advance for its lack of sophistication. I literally learned Javascript (and Google Apps Script) from the two biggest programing books i could find at Barnes and Noble. Buyer Beware.

How you can help:
-Provide your feedback (10 questions)
-Tell me about omissions and errors in the database.
-Contribute a copy of card we don’t have in the database (coming later)

I hope you find it useful or amusing or informative. As someone interested in our hobby, i wanted to include information about the publisher, designer and date, to credit those who contributed. As a novice at Javascript and Google Apps Script, it certainly was challenging and rewarding to put this together.