Shumilino, Changing Boards


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May 2, 2004
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From Mister T on recently played thread:
"Looking at the pic of Shumilino, i was surprised that it does not correspond to my rememberings. Checking the old RBF-15, i saw that the central map has been changed. This is not an issue for me at it creates some novelty and may offer an opportunity for the designer to provide a better map for the featured situation. MMP may take some inspiration from this approach when it updates old horses."

I thought it best to move this potential discussion.
I liked the action, but did not necessarily like the original board layout. So changed the board for OtO2, did some testing, and I think it really improved the scenario.
We are in the process of redoing the Tropic Thunder and Buckeye scenarios. Cant say will full certainty some boards will change, but we are looking at it.