Sewer Movement TC mechanics


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May 25, 2005
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Teutoburger Wald
A scenario allows sewer movement, and one side is not granted Sewer Movement capability. For that side only units accompanied by a leader that has passed a 4TC can enter the sewer. Is the 4TC made before forming a stack (i.e. the other units will not begin their MPh until after the 4TC is made and passed and need not start their MPh if the 4TC is failed), or does the stack have to be declared (i.e. the other units have begun their MPh) then the 4TC is made?
The stack is formed first.

A unit that fails a TC cannot perform that task, and may not perform another action in that phase. I assume the leader may not move using non-sewer movement if it fails the 4TC. If the other units must begin their MPh together with the leader and the leader fails the 4TC, are they also unable to perform another action? Or can they break off from the stack once the leader fails his 4TC to move without using sewer movement?
The other units can break off.

A higher morale leader may assist a leader with a TC. Can a higher morale leader assist another leader with the 4TC for sewer movement?