Schwerpunkt #22 and Rally Point #12 and #13 are Available Now!

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  1. Evan Sherry

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    Apr 19, 2004
    Tampa, FL

    The Tampa ASL Group will officially release Schwerpunkt Volume #22 and Rally Point 12 (The Schwerpunkt’s Greatest Hits Volume II) and Rally Point Volume #13 (The Yanks Are Coming) on 10/5/16 at the ASL Oktoberfest in Cleveland, Ohio, but they are available to order now.

    Currently all 22 issues of Schwerpunkt and 13 issues of Rally Point are available, although some of our older volumes are in low stock.

    An order form is included below.

    Schwerpunkt Volume #22 is Available Now!

    This issue’s 20-page booklet contains two articles: Brook White’s The Last Hurrah…Not! The Belgians and Dutch in ASL, as well as our trademark analyses and designer’s notes for Scenarios SP253 - SP264. Each of the 12 scenarios is printed on cardstock in our easy-to-read format. The scenarios are in keeping with the Schwerpunkt tradition of tournament-sized as well as medium-sized actions. There's something is this pack for players of all experience levels!

    SP253 De Zwarte Duivels - ROTTERDAM, The Netherlands, 13 May 1940: Dutch Korpsmariners reinforced with armored cars counterattack to clear Gruppe Kerfin’s fallschirmjägers from the National Life Insurance building. This medium-sized scenario has a game length of 4.5 turns and is set on half-boards 20 and 23.

    SP254 Propitious Arrival BULSON, France, 14 May 1940: This is a rare example of a meeting engagement featuring a French combined arms force led by the 7ème Bataillon de Chars de Combat against the vanguard of the 1st Panzer Division. This 6 turn scenario has plenty of early war tin can action and is set on half boards 2, 11, 59 and 70.

    SP255 Anatoly’s Ambush IL’ KOVO, Russia 6 October 1941: Hero of the Soviet Union, Captain Anatoly Raftopulo conducts a large BT-7 tank ambush and defends a small village against a combined arms assault by the 4th Panzer Division. This 5.5 turn scenario has HIP tanks and a lot of tense action set on boards 67 and 75.

    SP256 De Veer’s Counterattack- TANKOEBAN, Java, The Netherlands East Indies, 6 March 1942: The Dutch 5th Infantry Battalion initially defends a small village and then counterattacks the Japanese Shoji Detachment. This medium-sized PTO scenario set on board 2b gives both sides a chance to attack. Game Length is 6 turns.

    SP257 Jerry by the Bushel - SAINT PIERRE-LA-VIEILLE, France, 2 August 1944: The British 7th Battalion, Green Howards conducts a combined arms assault with pre-registered 80mm OBA, carriers and Sherman tanks to seize a village held by the German 326th Infantry Division. This is a fast-moving, 4.5 turn, tournament-level scenario set on boards 73 and p.

    SP258 Operation BlackwaterSAINT PIERRE-LA-VIEILLE, France, 11 August 1944:
    A combined force of infantry from the 15th Battalion, Hampshire Regiment supported by Sherman VC(a)s attacks to clear German infantry and Schwere Panzer Abteilung 503’s last remaining Tiger I tanks from a village. This 6.5 turn scenario uses boards 70 and 71.

    SP259 Corridor to Extinction - WAIDHOFEN, Austria, 7 May 1945: A group of former SS Tiger tank crewmen has recently acquired a Jagdtiger and has joined up with a group of SS infantry and PzIVJs to delay the Russian 30th Guards Corps, while the remnants of the 1st SS Panzer Division attempt to escape to the Americans during the last hours of the war. This is a fast-playing, 4.5 turn scenario, well-suited for tournament play.

    SP260 Frosty the Snowman - SUMA, Finland, 19 December 1939: Russian infantry from the 138th Infantry Division with supporting T-26 M33 tanks attacks to clear the Finnish 10th Division from a group of building and a hill. Hugh Downing designed this 5.5 turn action that is our first scenario to feature Hakkaa Päälle components.

    SP261 Gunning for Gas - ORDZHONIKIDZE, Russia, 6 November 1942: The 7th Guards Rifle Brigade is defending the board 8a village with infantry and Lend Lease Lee and Valentine tanks against an attack by the 13th Panzer Division that is running out of fuel. Mike Augustine designed this 4.5 turn scenario.

    SP262 Urdom Done - URDOM, Russia, 30 November 1942: Grenadiers from the 206th Infantry Division supported by a Marder II desperately try to hold onto a village, until Grossdeuschland ski-troops reinforce them. Russian Infantry and 6 KV tanks make this Mike Augustine design an exciting 5.5 turn battle in the snow drifts.

    SP263 Snova Snare - DRUZHAVETSKI, Russia, 6 July 1943: The 75th Guards Rifle Division is surrounded by panzers and infantry from Kampfgruppes Schmahl and Mummert and is trying to hold onto battle positions near the board 72 stream. Pete Shelling returns to Schwerpunkt with a brilliant 5.5-turn tournament level gem.

    SP264 Meet the Old Boss - GYAPJUT, Hungary, 29 September 1944: Romanian infantry from the 1st Tudor Vladimirrescu Division (led by commissars) is defending on board 9a against panzergrenadiers and halftracks from the 23rd Panzer Division. Pete Shelling rounds out this year’s pack with a fine 5.5 turn tournament action.

    Order Form 9/17/16
    To order Schwerpunkt and Rally Point, send a check or money order in U.S. funds payable to: Sherry Enterprises, P.O. Box 3, Ruskin, FL 33570

    Schwerpunkt Volume #1: $30.00 _________
    Schwerpunkt Volume #2: $30.00 _________
    Schwerpunkt Volume #3: $30.00 _________
    Schwerpunkt Volume #4: $30.00 _________
    Schwerpunkt Volume #5: $30.00 _________
    Schwerpunkt Volume #6: $30.00 _________
    Schwerpunkt Volume #7: $30.00 _________
    Schwerpunkt Volume #8: $30.00 _________
    Schwerpunkt Volume #9: $30.00 _________
    Schwerpunkt Volume #10: $30.00 _________
    Schwerpunkt Volume #11: $30.00 _________
    Schwerpunkt Volume #12: $30.00 _________
    Schwerpunkt Volume #13: $30.00 _________
    Schwerpunkt Volume #14: $30.00 _________
    Schwerpunkt Volume #15: $30.00 _________
    Schwerpunkt Volume #16: $30.00 _________
    Schwerpunkt Volume #17: $30.00 _________
    Schwerpunkt Volume #18: $30.00 _________
    Schwerpunkt Volume #19: $30.00 _________
    Schwerpunkt Volume #20: $30.00 _________
    Schwerpunkt Volume #21: $30.00 _________
    NEW: Schwerpunkt Volume #22: $30.00 _________ Available Now!

    Rally Point Volume #1: $24.00 _________ An Axis Minors Special Study
    Rally Point Volume #2: $24.00 _________ A Starter Kit Special Study
    Rally Point Volume #3: $24.00 _________ Relics from the Schwerpunkt Archives
    Rally Point Volume #4: $24.00 _________ Ruins of the Reich
    Rally Point Volume #5: $24.00 _________ Thunderbird Pack
    Rally Point Volume #6: $24.00 _________ Starter Kit Special Study II
    Rally Point Volume #7: $24.00 _________ Schwerpunkt’s Greatest Hits
    Rally Point Volume #8: $24.00 _________ Sons of the Rising Sun
    Rally Point Volume #9: $24.00 _________ A Special Study of Boards 7a/b, 8a/b, and 9a/b,
    Rally Point Volume #10: $24.00 _________ The Best of Pete Shelling
    Rally Point Volume #11: $24.00 _________ Heroes and Knights
    NEW: Rally Point Volume #12: $24.00 _________ Schwerpunkt’s Greatest Hits II
    NEW: Rally Point Volume #13: $24.00 _________ The Yanks are Coming!

    U.S. orders please add $8.00 for 1-6 volumes, for shipping and handling. U.S. orders for each additional multiple of 6 volumes (fractions rounded up) add $8.00 (Example: for 7 volumes within the U. S., shipping is $16.00).

    Canadian Orders please add $25.00 for 1-6 volumes for shipping and handling.
    Canadian orders for each additional multiple of 6 volumes (fractions rounded up) add $25.00 (Example: for 7 volumes to Canada, shipping is $50.00).

    United Kingdom and Europe please add $34.00 for shipping and handling for 1-6 volumes. Foreign orders for each additional multiple of 6 volumes (fractions rounded up) add $34.00 (Example: for 7 volumes to France or Great Britain, shipping is $68.00);

    All other Foreign orders
    please add $35.00 for shipping and handling for 1-6 volumes.
    Foreign orders for each additional multiple of 6 volumes (fractions rounded up) add $35.00 (Example: for 7 volumes to Australia, Japan & the Pacific, shipping is $70.00);

    Shipping Rate: $_________
    Florida Residents must add 7% State Sales Tax: $_________
    Total Enclosed: $_____________

    Name: __________________________________________________

    Street Address: ____________________________________________

    City: ______________________ State/Region: __________________

    Postal Code/ZIP: _____________ Country: _____________________

    E-mail: __________________________________________________
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  2. Xavier 658

    Xavier 658 LFT Magazine Editor

    Feb 12, 2003
    Compiègne, France
    Great news Evan, but as usual, not easy for your supporters overseas to get your publication without Paypal or some other means to buy them.....


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  3. olli

    olli Well-Known Member

    Jun 17, 2003
    Nice to see you still in print and as Xavier said it is a ball ache getting your stuff direct since you will not accept PayPal like all the other ASL TPP companies, shame as it makes it far easier for everybody outside the US of A to buy from them.
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  4. Srynerson

    Srynerson Active Member

    Jun 4, 2011
    Um, I think there's a problem with these shipping destination examples....
  5. Stewart

    Stewart Active Member

    Jun 20, 2006
    Great stuff...But should i be able to view this as a non donatorof money?
  6. RevJJ

    RevJJ Malf'ers of the Universe

    Oct 24, 2012
    Spokane, WA
    This is were the hypocrisy lies for me in this new "pay to see" argument by the management.
  7. JRKrejsa

    JRKrejsa Active Member

    Sep 21, 2005
    How about the scenario descriptions for Rally Point 13?
  8. thedrake

    thedrake Active Member

    Feb 2, 2003
    Order going out in tomorrow's mail for SP21+RP13--thanks Evan.
  9. Bismork

    Bismork New Member

    Jan 29, 2016
    St Ingbert

    i was just wondering if there is errata for the Snova Snare scenario. The vc seem to be a bit off... is the German player supposed to control all buildings on the board (which it kinda says and i guess what makes it so hard to win as the German ( 15/5 in ROAR)) or in his setup area?


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  10. xenovin

    xenovin Active Member

    Aug 7, 2010
    Dang - I thought the new Schwerpunkt was out!
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  11. Bill Cirillo

    Bill Cirillo Active Member

    Nov 20, 2005
    Newport News, VA
    Unfortunately, no errata that I am aware of, and, yes, the VC would explain the ROAR record.
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  12. Jazz

    Jazz Well-Known Member Staff Member Moderator

    Feb 3, 2003
    I don't think Schwerpunkt admits to errata......
  13. von Marwitz

    von Marwitz Well-Known Member

    Nov 25, 2010
    Kraut Corner
    No errata for this one to my knowledge. And yes, it is tough on the Germans.
    I have played it as the Russians and despite the flank where I put my Schwerpunkt performed very badly, the other flank enabled me to bring it home. AFAIK all playings at Grenadier of this scenario ended with the Russians victorious, too.

    von Marwitz
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  14. Eagle4ty

    Eagle4ty Active Member

    Nov 7, 2007
    Eau Claire, Wi
    Barring a misread of VC or setup restrictions is is not only difficult for the Germans to win this scenario against a competent opponent, it is nigh on to impossible. As the board narrows to only a two hex approach to one flank, it's very easy for the Russians to just pack that approach and as you've noted even use brokies to delay/deny access to the last buildings there. What surprises me is that there are 5 German wins.:eek:
  15. Hennie van der Salm

    Hennie van der Salm Active Member

    Jan 28, 2003
    Amersfoort, The Neth
    Uffe won as the Germans against Alexandre ;-)
  16. MajorDomo

    MajorDomo DM? Chuck H2O in his face

    Sep 1, 2003
    I have played it twice and won as both sides.

    My German win versus Rich Spilky was a one off as I ran my reinforcements at the Russians that setup in 8/9/10 on the Russian left, including a PZIVF seemingly unable to bog as it motored on the German far right. Net result was I wiped them all out while losing one or two 467s. That left me enough to easily take the Russian left, where he had most of his assets.

    I also saw another German win featuring a German AFV, touched by an angel, running through a 4AT mine in the narrow road on the Russian left. It actually created a trail break, used by the other AFVs and the following, now enthused Wehrmacht lads.

    But while a fun scenario, the Germans need some non-trivial balance IMHO.


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