RPT155 Schutzstaffel Shindig


Jan 9, 2011
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New jersey
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Had a recent unique and exciting game from a recent RPT pack, #155, Schutzsafeel Shindig vs. my longtime Vasl opponent Rob finish up last month.

What made this scenario unique is we both had a fair amount of infantry, but it was a game with VC that revolved around eliminating the German Stug's and Mark IV's from the forward lvl 2 hexes that are present on both boards with LOS to certain road hexes. Which meant it was going to be a wild and woolly scenario at the end.

Rob would have two Stug's on the board and 2 Mark IV's arriving about the same time as my allegedly 10 tanks and hoard of infantry.

My early moves are illustrated below

I wanted to try to set up a human wave that could charge into the area of the hill mass, by bringing troops forward as riders and dismounting.

However, out of the gate, the dicebot had declared itself my enemy. It immobilized the tank my 9-2 was riding on in a position that impeded movement of the follow on vehicles (ouch). So, I started pushing troops off the vehicles to conserve mp and this did not go well, so I had to get conservative and stop my T-34's and paid with another boxcars on the start roll (so down 2 tanks out of the gate. and there would be no HW.

As the game played on, a Mk IV huddled behind a wall to challenge a single T-34 and lost to a Shock that would then become a kill (critical hit from another vehicle that moved). So luck the dicebot gave back. (Also managed to repair a malf'd MA on my side).

Below is the situation going into my T4 (out of a 5 and a half turn game)


My vehicles will challenge the Mk IV on the bottom, as the primary target, a few will get on the hilltop, out of CA of the Stug's and the infantry will crest the hill on T4. This was the first turn of true chaos on the map board. One of the most exciting ASL turn's I've had this year.

Going into it, 8 of my tanks will challenge 3 of Robs. The Mk IV has one HD hex in the 2 position. I would start by driving a T34 accross the board into G8, and then get crushed by the Mk IV before getting a shot off. Another T34 (on the hill in the back) will get into H9 (he will eventually get the kill). The KV-2 will get into M4, another KV-1s directly behind it. 3 more tanks will get on the lvl 2 hill out of CA of the Stug's, you'll be able to tell where they went based on where the wrecks are in the follow on pics. I do recall one Stug changing CA and getting rate which was disasterous for me. The Mk IV will go on to turn the KV-2 into a burning wreck, obscuring the view of the vehicle behind it.


Above is going into my 5th turn, things went so bad for my infantry (Rob got off a couple of really nice rolls and my elite forces rolled their MC's like conscripts). After an impressive FTR situation (lost about half my force), I would manage to rally a couple of folks for the last turn.

In turn 5, all 3 of my remaining vehicles charged out of the CA of Rob's Stug's. We traded 1 for 1, so going into the last turn, I had two vehicles, Rob had one MA malf'd Stug (which he repaired) and his Stug got into motion in a VC hex and my vehicles could not connect with their shots. One hs did make it into cc in the end with this final vehicle but could not make the miracle roll.

Overall, this one was an intensive shootout in the final turns with a lot of ebb and flow in the battle.