RECON 2004 - ASL at WBC July 31 - Aug 2, 2004

Jeff Evich

Feb 3, 2003
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RECON 2004 - WBC ASL Pre-Con - Saturday, July 31 - Monday, August 2

The Guards Counterattack!

ASL moves into a pre-con slot for the 2004 World Boardgaming Championships. A six round Swiss tournament (2 rounds each Saturday, Sunday, and Monday starting at 9:00 AM and 4:00 PM) will determine the 2004 World Champion. Best record takes home the wood. Will 2003 Champ JR Tracy repeat? Will another past champion return to claim the prize? Will it be you? RECON 2004 means 3 days of ASL gunning free of distractions and schedule conflicts!

Make plans to join us in Hunt Valley,MD July 31st - August 2nd for ASL's debut as a WBC Pre-con.

**Play at Recon requires a separate registration fee of $30 for BPA members pre-registered by July 24th, 2004, or $40 for all others, payable to the BPA, 1541 Redfield Rd, Bel Air, MD 21015. This fee can be paid separately or in addition to other WBC fees noted on the WBC pre-registration form. Please see and for registration and hotel reservations.

The details

RECON '04 will be conducted as a 6 round Swiss Tournament. Players will be matched with opponents in each round by the tournament staff; places 1 through 6 will be determined by W/L record. Ties between players with the same number of wins will be broken as follows:

1st tie breaker: Head to head record.
2nd tie breaker: Record against common opponents.
3rd tie breaker: Number of wins by opponents player
4th tie breaker: Number of wins by opponents that defeated

Tournament prizes provided by BPA will be supplemented by MMP and the GM.

Before pairing for each round, each player chooses which column he desires to play that round, A or B. To the extent feasible, pairings will be made with these choices in mind (although, after the first round a player must have a loss to elect Column B ), but players should be prepared to play in column A if necessary (but may move to B even without a loss by mutual consent).

After being paired in a column, each player secretly rank orders three of the five scenarios (1 to 3 in descending order of preference). Scenario choices are then compared and the common scenario with the lowest combined ranking is chosen.

If only one scenario matches, play that scenario.
If two or more scenarios match, play the scenario with the
lowest total ranking.
If there is a tied total rank among common scenarios, low dr
gets choice of the two.

EX: the round has scenarios, A, B, C, D and E. Perry chooses in order; 1-B, 2-E and 3-C. Jeff chooses in order; 1-A, 2-B and 3-E. In this case, scenarios A, C and D are not common choices. Scenario B is a common choice with a combined rank of 3 (Perry 1 + Jeff 2). Scenario E is a common choice with a combined rank of 5 (Perry 2 + Jeff 3). The scenario with the lowest combined rank is scenario B. If there is a tied combined rank, a dr is made with the player rolling lower receiving his choice of the two scenarios. Use A26.5 (or any mutually acceptable method) to determine sides.

Please note that even if your ASL set is not particularly travel-worthy, mapboards, overlays, and status markers (i.e., Prep Fire, DM, First/Final Fire, etc.) are always in high demand. MMC/SMC/SW/Guns/Vehicles are typically in ready supply. Please try and at least bring the necessary overlays and boards for the scenarios you expect you'll select in each round and your tray of status markers if possible.

2004 Scenario List

Several scenarios are marked with "(b)" indicating tournament-specific balancing provisions. Others are marked with an asterisk (*) to show that official errata exists.

Saturday AM Column A "OD AM"

Niscemi-Biscari Highway (T9)*
Zon With The Wind (A32)
Devil's Hill (T10)
Escape to Wiltz (J88)
Han-Sur-Nied (U7)

Saturday AM Column B "Empire at Dawn"

Ramsey's Charge (b)(G28)
Last of their Strength (b)(A83)
Makin Taken (J84)
On the Kokoda Trail (b)(60)
Cattern's Position (A111)

Saturday PM Column A "Thunder in the East"

The Awakening of Spring (b) (G33)
The Slaughterhouse (J33)
Swamp Cats (AP11)*
Crossing the Gniloi Tikitsch (A98)
Acts of Defiance (A68)

Saturday PM Column B "Marching to Oblivion"

Balkan Sideshow (111)
Liberating Bessarabia (113)
Huns of Steel (117)
Downsizing the Uprising (118)
Ancient Feud (119)

Sunday AM Column A "Russian Combined Arms"

Kampgruppe at Karachev (J23)
Directive Number 3 (AP7)
Wintergewitter (A70)
Cream of the Crop (AP12)
Friday the 13th (J59)

Sunday AM Column B "For King and Country"

Dreil Team (109 was A37)
Tettau's Attack (107-was A33)
North Bank (110-was A38)
Guards Attack (108-was A35)
Kangaroo Hop (106- was G43)

Sunday PM Column A "Heavy OD"

Among the Ruins (21) *
Action at Kommerscheidt (U6)
Weissenhof Crossroads (U8 )
Merzenhausen Zoo (J19)
Hitdorf on the Rhine (L)

Sunday PM Column B "Veritable Paradise"

Water Foul (HS 17)
Married Up (HS20)
Got Milk? (HS 26)
Lawless Ways (HS 27)
Protesting the Speculative (HS33)

Monday AM Column A "Resistance"

Sylvan Death (30) (b)
To Clear a Roadblock (A99)*
Men of the Mountains (J34)
Ptichin In (J85)
Flames of Unrest (J87)

Monday AM Column B "Yankee NWE"

Abandon Ship (G44)
Confusion Reigns (12)
Celles Melee (OA7)*
Thrust and Parry (U11)
Tanks in the Streets (26)

Monday PM Column A "The Last Samurai"

Battlin' Buckeyes (b) (J2)
Tough Nut to Crack (G19)
White Tigers (b) (A47)
Chakila Sunrise (A45)
The Pinnacle (J18)

Monday PM Column B "Tommy Ending"

Cold Crocodiles (A25)
Forth Bridge (G37)
Panzer Graveyard (J32)
Faugh A Ballagh (A93)
Frontal Assault (J86)


G28 Ramsey's Charge(b) Add one 6-6-7 and one horse to U.S.
A83 Last Of Their Strength(b) Delete one 4-4-7 from Japanese
60 On the Kokoda Trail(b) Delete two 447s from Japanese OB.
G33 The Awakening of Spring (b)German units may not exit until
Turn 4.
30 Sylvan Death (b) Delete one 4-6-8 and two LMG from the
German OB.
J2 Battlin' Buckeyes(b)Add one 6-6-7 and one BAZ '45 to the
American at-start OB.
A47 White Tigers (b) Add one 4-4-8, one LMG, and one DC to the
Japanese OB


* OA7 Celles Melee: Setup is simultaneous and the Americans
move first.
* AP11 Swamp Cats: The scenario mapboard configuration
incorrectly shows overlay X21. The SSR correctly identifies
overlay X27.
* A99 To Clear A Roadblock: The scenario card erroneously shows
the German le PaK 41 anti-tank gun as having a 3 ROF; as
depicted on the counter and in the Ordnance Notes, this weapon
only has a 2 ROF.
* T9 The Niscemi-Biscari Highway: In the German setup
instructions, change "5Q5" to 5Q6".
* 21 Among the Ruins: U.S. Tanks do not count towards the
Victory Conditions.

Jeff Evich

Feb 3, 2003
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Manchester, MD
llUnited States
RECON 2004 Correction

I have been informed by the BPA that the information on their site regarding the registration fee was in error.

The cost for RECON 2004 will be $30 for BPA members, $40 for non-BPA members. Please note the above post has been edited to reflect this change.

Sorry for any inconvenience,