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Feb 4, 2020
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He said something that I didn't think about for this game. He was briefly in charge of the Gross Deutschland and mentioned he did not like the larger size of the GD and SS divisions as they made them unwieldy. While those units are not in this game, I can see that this game would represent that as the divisions only have so many orders and dispatches. The smaller the division, the more commands to go around to each of them. He also merged reduced units to reduce the number of units he had to manage.

Some chit pull games toss in a chit for each formation which now I think may be a mistake or at least need some adjustment based on the size of the unit. I think if you had each division toss in only so many chits per turn, you could model the difficulty of managing a larger units. If you want to merge units, they have to stack under the lead unit and must move/fight with them.
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Do you mean Balck? He commanded the division for three months in 1943, about a month before Kursk. Not sure Panzer Command really depicts divisional units, optimum size is about a battalion. GD did have more battalions in it than a regular division - six battalion of panzergrenadiers, a full panzer regiment which included organic Tigers, a full assault gun battalion in addition to the divisional anti-tank battalion (which I believe was self-propelled), an anti-aircraft battalion and a robust reconnaissance battalion which was often used as an additional mission element. But none of that is really relevant to Panzer Command.