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    After reading this thread:

    I wondered how the community would judge the various leaders from the book and/or mini-series "Band of Brothers". Just list the ones you have an opinion and please give a reason for the judgment for that rating. Try to cover 8-0, 8-1, 9-1, and 9-2 leadership at least. If you can include 10-3, 7-0, and/or 6+1 then list them as well. Below is the master list to choose and you do not have to do each person listed.

    Colonel Robert Sink
    Lieutenant Colonel Robert L. Strayer
    Major “Dick” Winters
    Captain “Dick” Winters
    First Lieutenant “Dick” Winters
    Captain Herbert Sobel
    Captain Lewis Nixon
    Captain Ronald Speirs
    First Lieutenant Ronald Speirs
    First Lieutenant “Buck” Compton
    First Lieutenant Harry Welsh
    First Lieutenant Norman Dike
    First Lieutenant Thomas Peacock
    First Lieutenant Henry S. Jones
    Second Lieutenant Jack E. Foley
    Second Lieutenant Carwood Lipton

    Non-commissioned officers (NCOs)
    Technical Sergeant Donald Malarkey
    Staff Sergeant Denver "Bull" Randleman
    Staff Sergeant Darrell "Shifty" Powers
    Staff Sergeant John "Johnny" Martin
    Staff Sergeant Chuck Grant
    Staff Sergeant Floyd Talbert
    Staff Sergeant William "Wild Bill" Guarnere
    Staff Sergeant Joe Toye

    I will post my judgments of some of these leader next.
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  2. RandyT0001

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    Dec 5, 2016
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    Based on the mini-series.

    Major “Dick” Winters 10-3
    Captain “Dick” Winters 9-2
    First Lieutenant “Dick” Winters 9-1
    Dick Winters is the example of leadership progression. Starting in boot camp he showed leadership skills which grew with experience.

    Captain Ronald Speirs 9-2
    First Lieutenant Ronald Speirs 9-1
    Speirs had a different leadership style from Winters but he inspired his men by personal actions. Not bright ideas to hop out of the trenches or run across the village to contact the friendly forces on the other side of Foy but the men believed in him.

    First Lieutenant “Buck” Compton 9-1
    Based on his leadership during Market Garden scenes.

    First Lieutenant Norman Dike 6+1
    Not a good leader and the men's morale would have suffered more if Lipton had not inspired them to look beyond his shortcomings.

    First Lieutenant Thomas Peacock 6+1
    Screaming at subordinates during a preliminary action planning session is not good leadership

    First Lieutenant Henry S. Jones 9-1
    Fresh out of OTS as an inexperienced second lieutenant (which I would rate as a 8-0), Jones repeatedly volunteered to lead the 'last patrol' to capture prisoners. As an observer on the patrol (led by S/Sgt. John Martin) he quickly learned vital lessons and 'led' the men in the orderly withdraw of the patrol.

    Staff Sergeant Denver "Bull" Randleman 8-1
    Inspired his men.

    Staff Sergeant John "Johnny" Martin 8-1
    Good leadership in the capture of prisoners.
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  3. Martin Mayers

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    Sobel's the really interesting one.

    Re Peacock. You need to read up on his WW2 service record as a whole. 6+1 no way. 9-1 is probably fairer.
  4. So Sobel's a 4+3?
    Training and admin, pretty good.
    Field command, couldn't get much worse.
    And even worse yet, knew it but wouldn't admit he has no business being in the field.
    Those guys get people killed!
    He got away lucky in the end, could have ended very badly for a lot of guys, himself included.
  5. RandyT0001

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    Dec 5, 2016
    Memphis, TN
    My rating was based solely on the information provided in the mini-series. Is he portrayed fairly in Ambrose's book? Did you read other books about Peacock/
  6. Martin Mayers

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    Jul 29, 2008
    Correct. Pretty good is unfair. He was excellent in the training role and pivotal, through his regimented training regime, for creating the machine which Easy Company was.
  7. bendizoid

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    Sobel united Easy agaist him, lol.
  8. Martin Mayers

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    Jul 29, 2008
    He did. Quite a vindictive character.

    But then Wikipedia says "In interviews, some Easy Company veterans have acknowledged the part Sobel's training played in the company's later successes"
  9. I only gave him a pretty good since he didn't ease up at all even after the men had toughened up to the airborne standard (or better).
    I think he carried it a bit too far. He could have easily shown some character and given his men a pat on the back and some well earned leave when training was almost over and it was clear they measured up.

    The training was certainly effective, of that there's no doubt, and he seemed to be an efficient administrator.
    Perhaps it's partially the fault of whoever OK'd his request for combat command, rather than entirely his own, but then maybe they didn't know just how bad he was in the field and thought he'd improve given the chance.
    He still should have known better himself given his poor performance on maneuvers.
    NCOs can only carry so much of the burden.

    He should have been sent to train others, as that was obviously his strongest skill.
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