PTO Tunnel Rules - Please do this!

Cpl Uhl

Dec 2, 2007
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Brussels, Belgium
llUnited States
Played HS 14 the Christmas Gifu a while back. The scenario is quite unbalanced in favor of the Japanese.

However, the design uses an SSR that really added to the fog of war, realism and enjoyment of the scenario.

The SSR states that movement through a tunnel into a pillbox is treated as if from a Cave Complex to a Cave.

The cool effect of this is that when Japanese units move through a tunnel you don't put that annoying Sewer counter on them in their exit hex, giving away where they are going. Instead, a KEU Japanese in a pillbox will gain HIP by moving into the tunnel. He emerges in another pillbox, but HIP as long as no US unit has LOS to that new pillbox location.

Setting up another PTO scenario with lots of pillboxes and tunnels and an all-HIP OB (Hell or High Water) I really wish that this type of SSR were used more (or that the original PTO rules has made this standard). It certainly added to the excitement of the scenario and realism (AFAIK) for the Allies fighting Japanese in pillboxes.